How to Determine the Right Handbag for Your Next Outing

June 21, 2009 by topijao  
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Don’t panic if you haven’t got a great body. Your handbag can enhance the one you’ve got if you pick the right one.

Different people have different body shape. Even identical twins can be as varied in body shape as much as one being petite and the other being plus sized. If such identical twins have to pick a handbag for a party, it would be disastrous to base individual choice on the fact that they are identical twins.

Picking the right handbag depends more on the body shape and size and the color and type of your outfit. It is a known fact that the wrong handbag might spoil an otherwise great outfit. The wrong handbag can also turn  attention towards the wrong part of your body. So it goes that for that next outing, you have to choose the right handbag if you must carry one.

Don’t panic if you haven’t got a great body. Your handbag can enhance the one you’ve got if you pick the right one.

Generally, it would be nice to follow the prevailing trend. Which handbag is in vogue? Once you have determined the answer to this question, don’t rush to buy one or tell yourself you will make the right choice at the shop. That may be too risky. You have to decide what handbag you need even without seeing one yet, so that you wont have be forced to buy one as a result of a hurried decision.

Ask yourself this question: what is my body shape? Do I have a large chest? Am I petite, tall or skinny? Are you plus-sized or do you have the shape of a pear? Be sure to determine your size before walking into that shop or you may waste your money. The seller wants to have your money whichever way, so you may not be told the truth if what suits you isn’t available.

Once you have determined your body shape, consider the following:

  • A smaller shape is overwhelmed by a bag that is too big. So go for a small or medium sized type of the bag you admire. Though petite, you can look taller by picking small but taller version of the bag. Pick a color that is at least the same shade as any of your attires. It isn’t advisable to wear more than two colors though.
  • If you are tall and don’t have much curve, you will do well with a bag that goes down to your waste when worn over the shoulder. If you prefer a large bag, it is okay. Wear them close and they will make your body look curvier.
  • If you have a plus size, avoid small bags. Big bags with more width than height are your best bet.
  • A pear shape is best flattered when you wear a small bag and please carry it closer to yourself, probably under the armpit.
  • ·A bag that helps draw the attention downward is best for a big shape. Such bags include handheld satchels and shoulder bags that hit you below the waist.

You are now ready for that shopping. Best of luck.

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