How to Choose Clothing Based on The Lack of Body Shape

April 28, 2011 by vicaz  
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This is the way to make it look attractive even though the body has its drawbacks.

As a woman, should we have to look attractive. But many women who want to look attractive but instead look strange. There are also many who simply follow the fashion and the latest fashion trends but did not realize that what was used does not match the body shape. Of course this is the wrong way to dress. As a result instead looks attractive but instead look strange.

Women with ideal body must match the dress like whatever. But what about women who have a deficiency? Here’s how to make it look attractive even though the body has its drawbacks. 

Thin Body
For those who were thin in fact not difficult to find clothes that fit. The thin body can wear anything, but the problem is nobody can protrudes from a body like this. The fix is give a little indentation at the waist. Can be done by wearing a belt, or add a ribbon at the waist. Select the volume subordinates so it looks bigger in the hips, for example hareem pants, or skirt pleated or rimpel. For the boss, choose your boss is a bit loose, do not use a strict boss because it will show your body shape is thin and do not also use a boss that is too loose because it will look like has no curves. Also avoid using a bolero as it will cause to have no waist curve. 

Short Body
Short body that is often not seen fit to any outfit. The important thing is don’t try to show that you have a high body. Many women with short body fooled, for example by using the rights that are too high, this is wrong because it just will increasingly make it clear that you have a short body. Quite right just 5cm tall. For the boss, choose a cropped jacket and to subordinate choose capri and skirts above the knee, don’t wear skirts below the knee because it will make your legs look shorter. 

Big Breasts
For those of you who meliliki large breasts, certainly you a little uncomfortable to choose clothes. But of course you can handle it. The trick is to first choose the right bra, bra with breast size will make it look slimmer. Cover as much as possible not too much cleavage for becoming the center of attention. Don’t wear tight tops, don’t use clothes that have detail on the chest. 

Large Hips
To cover a large part of the hip is no need to wear dark colored subordinates, and also can use a pipe-shaped trousers. And choose a subordinate who is simple and doesn’t have many details. Choose a skirt with a smaller form at the bottom and avoid a widening skirt. You can also hide large hips form by using the employer who has more details.

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