How to Camouflage Flab and Look Slim

May 15, 2009 by Rekhaa  
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A few styling tips for women that would help them shop for the right clothes for their wardrobe.

For the majority of  us women who do not possess a wasp waistline or frail paper thin body structures, its always a quest to find clothing that fits well enough to keep our minds off from our little imperfections. Here are a few styling tips to be kept in mind the next time you are out shopping and I bet you wouldn’t have to go on those frequent weight reduction diets time and again.

  • WEAR BLACK! Any single solid colour creates a longer, thinner appeal. And it works best when it is black.
  • While shopping keep in mind that the details on a garment should help accentuate the best features in you. Look out for details like big pockets, excessive rouching etc which can add on to bulk if they are placed at the wrong places
  • If you are a top heavy body type (larger upper body) a sweetheart neckline or a V- neck dress/blouse would be a great bet.  Opt for garments with ranglan sleeves and at all costs avoid puff sleeves.

A pretty laced camisole showing under a top or a jacket can help play up the top portion of the body thus adding on a slimmer feel.

  • To cover up a large tummy, try out a few styles of empire line or raised waist dresses. Look out for something with an interesting detail or print towards the top half as that would help draw attention away from your problem area.
  • Avoid clingy materials. Shiny and flimsy materials can draw attention to the bumps and bulges on the body. For tailored cuts pick up firmly woven cotton or linen garments. For skirts that drape well try out a few in light weight wool or rayon.

So good luck and happy shopping!!!

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