How to be Sexy and Fat

July 31, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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Society tells heavy women they need to lose weight and cover up- but even if you are in the process of losing weight, there is no reason you can’t enjoy every stage of your body. Here are tips to embrace a full figure and make the best of it.

Before I begin, I’ll say this–looking good fat has everything to do with how you feel about your weight.  Most of the time, it isn’t healthy to be fat, but that doesn’t mean that you should be ashamed of your body, only that you should take measures to be healthier.  You can’t become average-weight overnight, so while you’re on your way there, you should find ways to show off your body–because not all guys like women to be toothpick skinny.  And more important than guys is your own confidence–you’ll feel better and happier if you’re dressing and looking great.

Find your best feature- For many large women, breasts are the main feature, but not all heavy girls have large breasts.  For some, it’s the butt, and for others, they have a large midsection and a fairly un-curvy butt, but great legs.  Everyone has a good feature.  Once find that feature, it will be easier to play it up.

If you have great boobs, get a good bra and show cleavage- Get a good full-coverage bra to support large breasts, but make sure it’s one that doesn’t look matronly.  There are specialty stores for larger bras…Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry a lot of sizes that larger women need.  Get a bra that really supports you, and then, show cleavage!  Nothing is worse than saggy cleavage, so the bra is important.  A V-neck shirt will help you to look thinner if boobs are your main accessory.  Whatever you do, stay away from loose,billowy shirts.  Empire waists are fine if you’re trying to hide a big tummy, but any high-cut, loose top will only make you look fatter and hide your boobs–which are the best part!

Monique uses a very flattering cut to show off her boobs- plus size women do not have to cover up!

If you have great legs, show them off- Often, fat women with great legs are an “apple” body type–they aren’t that curvy in the waist area, and they gain weight in their belly.  However, their legs are shapely and slender, perhaps even thinner than the legs of pear-shaped thin women.  This means they can wear mini-dresses, as long as they don’t show too much up top (otherwise, it can look tacky…on anyone, thin or fat). 

Sherri Shepherd has lost a lot of weight, but even at her heaviest, she always had great legs and knew how to show them off.

Make the most of an enviable butt- Thin women go to great extents to try and make their butt look bigger, but you’ve got that covered!  Cocktail dresses with a cinched-in waist can help show off your hourglass shape and accentuate both the boobs and the butt.

Marilyn Monroe is the icon of sexiness- but by most people’s standards today, she would be considered chubby!  Just more proof that people need to get their heads screwed on right.  At a size 12, Marilyn made sure to always wear small-waisted things to show off her butt and boobs. And it worked.

Stay away from huge polka dots or flowers- These are “horizontal” patterns and will tend to make you look bigger where you might not want it.  A polka dot top is great if you’re wearing a black skirt and want to show off a great bustline, but otherwise, stay away.  Instead, opt for vertical stripes, subtler patterns, or solids, like the girls you see above.

Stick to your personal style- If you love vintage-type clothes, don’t feel pressured to wear anything else.  Many 1950s patterns are great for full figures, especially full figures with small waists and large breasts.  If you’re Goth, stay Goth.  If you love red, don’t worry about being too “loud”.  The right shade of crimson will be sexy and flattering.

Get long, flowing hair- Obviously this isn’t a necessity, especially if it doesn’t work with your face shape, but in my experience, long hair can make you look thinner, and it usually adds to sex appeal.  But if you rock a short ‘do, stick with that.  It’s all about what looks best on you.

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