How to be Gothic Lolita

April 7, 2007 by nobuta  
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Interested in street fashion? Gothic Lolita fashion has been hitting the streets of Japan and gaining popularity. Learn how to be Gothic Lolita by reading this article.

Gothic Lolita?

Gothic Lolita is one of the most famous street fashions in Japan. Gothic Lolita is inspired by French Victorian style. There are many types of Lolita; elegant, punk, aristocrat, the list goes on but the most famous and well known style is “Gothic Lolita”.

The Difference

Even though it’s called “Gothic Lolita” it doesn’t really have any connection with what most people think is Goth. Lolita’s don’t wear black make-up and look depressed. Lolita’s are anything but angasty but if they were in some sort of category of Goth then it would have to be “romantic” instead of vampire or cyber goth.


  • Don’t be a slut! You might see pictures of those girls with super short skirts or showing their bloomers, chances are that’s a cover for a porn or something. Lolita isn’t like that. It’s about being cute, flawless features and innocent. It isn’t to be mistaken for role-playing porn.
  • Make your own clothes , if not then pay $300 for a branded dress somewhere. You should either cough up the money or make your own because most cheap ones are really horrible. There are patterns and tutorials if you purchase the Gothic Lolita Bible. The Gothic Lolita Bible is a magazine that features many famous models and how-to’s on making your own Gothic Lolita stuff.
  • Wear Mary-Jane’s, you don’t have to but it’s not acceptable to wear your dirty sneakers.
  • Lace, Frills, and ribbons. That’s all I need to say.
  • If you don’t want to learn how to sew or are not filthy rich look around some stores such as Target, they have very limitable stuff.
  • Always smile. Your life is not a deep black whole if you’re a Lolita.
  • Have manners and always be polite. Walk straight, don’t run, don’t spread your legs all over the place when you sit, cross them.
  • If you have a bad temper the you aren’t meant to be a Lolita.

Many male Gothic Lolitas (though rare) wear dresses and cross-dress but they also do masculine Victorian style.

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4 Responses to “How to be Gothic Lolita”
  1. Alice Says:

    Bad temper has nothing to do with Lolita, nor does lace, frills, or ribbons. There are lolita outfits with none of these, and many loli that has a lot of lace is so Ita!

  2. akumaxkami Says:

    Lolita is a fashion, nothing more. You can act however you want while you wear it. Lace and frills aren’t the epitome of lolita either. Modesty, class, and bell-shaped skirt are the key essentials. ^_~

    Not all lolita is expensive. There are some retailers out there who make very good knock-offs and a few of the American lolita seamstresses also make great quality items for a lot less than Japanese brand.

  3. Miss Mini Mad Hatter Says:

    Lovely little article! ♥

  4. MissLilithRain Says:

    Lovely article.Great suggestion about shopping around for your Lolita style.

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