How to be a Steampunk Dresser

February 7, 2012 by tonyleather  
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This fashion style is as much about attitude as it is about what you choose to wear. As long you feel that you look steampunk, then you almost certainly are.

Do you want to rev up your wardrobe? If you do, you might interested in learning how to dress steampunk style, not as difficult as you might first imagine. What you should remember is that this style is as much about attitude as it is about what you choose to wear. As long you feel  that you look steampunk, then you almost certainly are.

No set guide to steampunk fashion exists,  anyone telling you that there is you, somebody to be ignored, because steampunk is as much about the individual as Dilbert is extreme office politics. There is no single set of rules you need to follow, a positive thing as most lovers of this fashion style hate rules anyway generally.


If the open array of options haven’t scared you off yet, it’s time to learn the dress code basics, because even without an actual rule-book, you’ll need some very basic guidelines to get started, so here is a quick checklist of things to remember when building out your wardrobe.

Solids are your friends, and if there is one thing steampunk fashionistas all have in common, it is their love of solids, so whether you are wearing trousers, shirts, cardigans or skirts, dressing steampunk means having to stick with solid colors. No flowers or abstract designs, although there small amounts of black Victorian lace or modest pinstripes are acceptable, but when in doubt, go without.


Muted colors work best, so sticking with shades of black, brown, gray, green, blue and tan is highly recommended. The Victorians loved their colors though, so no shame attaches if you want to add red, yellow or purple to your wardrobe, as long as you ensure that they are not too brash.

Goggles  are not, by any means a necessity, and there is a difference between fashionable and fashion-conscious. The fashion-conscious will drape their necks with a pair of gaudy goggles and take every opportunity possible to let everyone know they are wearing them. This can but fun and may fit in with certain situations or audiences, but can become painfully awkward when done at the wrong time or place.


One who is fashionable might instead find a pair of goggles and toss them in their backpack for future use. If they happen to be rock-climbing, drilling for oil or powering an airship that day, they will probably put the goggles on. If their day is looking more ordinary, they will probably leave their goggles at home.

If you buy your trousers in solid darks and your button down shirts in airy whites, you only need to add a couple more items to thoroughly steampunk yourself. Girls could expand wardrobes immediately by buying a corset or two, best bargains and style selections via Internet and the smaller specialty shops.

Never look as though you are trying to sell yourself and your beliefs, because true steampunk fans are more concerned with expression than appeasing the social majority. Find ways of adding gears to your accessories, because adorning yourself fashionably with them will open up the opportunities for conversation to those who are open minded enough to have a natural curiosity to ask questions.

And don’t forget the cardinal guideline in learning how to dress steampunk: It’s not about the clothes, it’s about self expression and individualism. Go get creative and have fun!

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  1. sheilanewton Says:

    Wow – dressing like Jack Sparrow seems to be the ‘in’ thing to wear, hmm? I like it!

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