How Do You Define Fashion?

September 30, 2011 by fashionistas  
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The broad meaning of fashion.

Once upon a time people wore only enough clothes to keep them warm but today that has changed drastically. Nowadays the definition of clothes and the way people see them has a great impact on various things. First of all a lot of people associate your sense of fashion with your personality or how wealthy you are. Others may see it as your way of showcasing your artistic talents and taste. Whatever it is that your fashion sense tells the others about you, the most important part is that you be comfortable with it. Personally fashion to me means “wearing what I love”. We are all different not only in the way the world or the way we behave but also in the way in which we dress. Therefore I think it is really important to stick to your sense of fashion and wear whatever it is that makes you comfortable. To someone fashion means showing lots of skin, to someone else cover as much skin as possible. The great thing about fashion is that the possibilities are endless and you should not be afraid to challenge yourself and explore more your creative side. Give fashion a meaning for yourself and experiment with it as you go but never forget not to become prey of what others think you should wear. When you wear something you like and are comfortable in it you will be able to enjoy your day better.

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