Get Rid of Pesky Shoe Odor

August 11, 2012 by Mrknowitall  
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Quick and low cost way to get rid of your bad shoe smell.

Here’s a quick way to get rid of nasty shoe odor, without having to go out to a shoe and buying some type of de-odorizer. You’ll only need 3 things; Your smelly shoes, big enough zip lock bags for each shoe and some room in a freezer. 

1- Create space

First things first, you’ll need to clear enough space in your freezer for you shoes. 

2- Store them in bags

Second thing you’ll need to do is place each shoe inside a seperate zip lock bag. Make sure the bags are sealed tight and that you get as much air out of them as you possibly can.

3- Freezer

Third and final step you’ll need to do is simply place the shoes in the freezer over night, come morning time they’ll smell as if they’ve barely been worn. I tried this myself a couple nights ago and it was golden. No need to dread taking them off and ducking for cover, trying to escape the odors! 

This works because the cold temperature actually kills off any odor causing bacteria, leaving your shoes fresh. In addition to this you can put them out in the sun for a couple of hours and zap  its safe its easy and most crucial of all, it works! Try this out for yourself, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Hope this helps, good luck! 

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