Generate More Funds in Ukay-ukay!

July 13, 2012 by professors  
Published in Fashion

Generate more funds through selling your used clothes at Ukay-Ukay.

Now a days a lot of people are doing their best to save a penny on their wallet.  Doing another job after their desk-job work.  Getting another shift after their 8-hour worked.  And applying for more extras and part-time.  Hence in this way, common workers can save more.

Aside from the above, a common worker can still earn through selling his/her clothes.  As long as these are in good condition, can still be wear and still good to look at.

This move is called “Ukay-Ukay”.  Well, as the common people always says, prices on ukay-ukay are relatively cheap but it does not mean that the products are also cheap.  Hence the line of clothing at this type of stores are mostly in fashion.

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