Five Best Websites for Stylish Affordable Clothes for Young Women

October 10, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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Affordable clothes tend to look frumpy–you’re not going to look sexy in an Old Navy sweatshirt. But these websites will lead you to sexy clothes that actually fit your age range!

1.) Lulu’s- Lulu’s is a great site because a lot of the clothes there are really unique.  You’re not just going to find black sweater dresses, you’re going to find cutting-edge styles.  The price is varied–when on sale, clothes can be as low as $19.99, and jewelry under $10, but normally, the prices are higher, ranging from $30-$90 for a dress.  Think of it as the better version of Forever 21.  Slightly better quality, sightly higher prices.  This is a great place to find party dresses–the various styles of sexy cross-back dresses are amazing.  You’re sure to find something that works for you.

2.) Asos- Asos is great because not only is it international, but shipping is free to the United States and UK, and you can find serious markdowns on designer brands in the “Outlet” section.  Asos also sells beauty products and underwear/lingerie.  The dresses and party clothes from Asos are superb, but they also have a great variety of basics, like camisoles and T-shirts.  When on sale, the dresses are lower than Forever 21 prices, but normally, Asos dresses are about $30-$120.  It depends on the designer.

3.) Forever 21- People will say Forever 21 is tacky and cheap, but this isn’t true.  Forever 21 does have some strange and ugly clothing, but it’s a great place for basics.  A dress I have that never fails to ellicit compliments cost about $20 at Forever 21, and It’s a great place for jeans and leggings, especially if you have a small frame and “adult” women’s stores’ clothing tends to be boxy or broad on you.

4.) Charlotte Russe- Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of Charlotte Russe clothing, because it strikes me as a little too “teenage” for someone in her twenties. Having said that, the shoes from Charlotte Russe are great.  You can find excellent styles of shoes, and they often have a “buy one, get one for $10 or $15″ sale which makes it easy to splurge on shoes without feeling guilty.  A pair of shoes from Charlotte Russe is usually about $25-$50

5.) Express- Express is a great place for “going out” tops, specifically sexy sequin tops.  When they have sales, you can get these tops for just $20 each, the quality is superb.  Often, with sequin tops, you can feel the sequins and it gets itchy, but Express has clothes with very good quality.  Great dresses too, but they can be a little more expensive–a good going-out dress is usually over $50.

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    I love Forever21! And i like it that they have artsy stuff… thanks for the share. I’ll check out Asos


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