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July 30, 2013 by adilkaya  
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Last summer’s triumphant Olympic opening ceremony saw due tribute being paid to the British inventor who has changed the world so radically.

Getting closer to Nature

Last summer’s triumphant Olympic opening ceremony saw due tribute being paid to the British inventor who has changed the world so radically: Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Who can imagine life now without the internet? Just as the previous century saw hitherto undreamt of developments with air travel, crazy new inventions like television and the first man on the moon, we are caught up in one of the biggest technological breakthroughs of history. Whilst this is life-enhancing in many ways, it also means we are more and more reliant on our devices and less and less in touch with the natural world we inhabit. The old saying “Take time to stop and smell the roses” is probably more important today than it ever was.

Being wired can lead to jangled wires

As many employees have discovered, there is a downside to the twenty-four hour connectedness which now dominates the globe. The old office day of nine to five has been lost into the boundary-less mists of being on call 24/7. It is not possible to walk out the door and leave your workload behind. You carry it with you at all times. Every text, every email, if left unanswered, will just continue to accumulate and many workers, even at weekends and on holiday, cannot resist checking. We are all working harder ( The longer-term effects of this on health and welfare are yet to be known. What is certain is that we all need at some point to switch off entirely. It is not just the ipad which needs re-charging. So do you!

Feel the earth beneath your feet

One of the time-honoured ways to reconnect, not with the digital universe, but with the actual universe, is to sleep under the stars. There is something about the experience of being outside which powerfully reminds us of our essential humanity. Sitting around a campfire, sharing stories, food and drink, is a defining activity which cannot help but be replenishing to both body and soul. Hearing the sounds of the wind on the trees, an owl hooting and the distant swish of the tide; waking up to a dew-soaked dawn and the chorus of birdsong, these are moments which do us more good than we realize. That “glad to be alive” feeling is hard to beat when you walk barefoot on the grass.

Can’t stand discomfort?

As we get older, a lot of us get less keen on the idea of not being in a comfy bed, not having access to a hot shower and altogether having to “rough it”. It’s true that all the joys of nature cannot console you enough if you have been lying on a rock all night in a sagging airbed and no amount of campfire coffee is going to get the chill out your bones!

This is where the new trend in tipis tent hire comes to the rescue. Being able to hire a beautiful, sumptuous tent, fully equipped, with snuggly throws, cushions and furs means that heading into the great outdoors is now more of a fairy-tale than a nightmare. If you have children, they will love this life sized den.

Work hard, play harder

Perhaps we need to stop working so hard to afford holidays in five star hotels in faraway places, when five star camping is such an affordable, adventurous and refreshing alternative. Especially if we leave the mobiles at home! Try taking some board games and a packet of cards instead. Your kids might miss “Candy Crush” for a day or two, but they will soon pick up the rules of “Fish” instead.

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