Fashion: What are We Missing?

August 27, 2011 by ElenaBuffalo  
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In-depth analysis of fashion nature.

Fashion…To so many of us sounds cheesy and so common, a needless part of our life. We hear this word almost every single day but usually don’t pay attention.

We tend to push the word ‘style’ in front of fashion when the conversation about clothing is brought up. And it makes a lot of common sense- our individuality creates a personal style and we become what we are on the outside, making the desirable impression on the others.

But is it really all about JUST style? Let’s look deeper and try to analyze where everything is coming from.  

In our every-day life we’re always busy running around, involved in routine events. Could you ever forget about shopping as a part of it all? Any kind of it: groceries, clothing, techniques etc.? Most likely- no. 

Shopping for clothes makes the female part of the society much more excited and relaxed, especially when it’s meant to be for aesthetic purposes, not just for living need. The male part of the society pays less attention to the aesthetics and more involved in efficiency. Different ways- same result- you’re buying outfits for yourself! And there is no such a person on the planet, which totally doesn’t care what to wear.

  Early in life our vision gets trained by mind as to the right things to put on. It can be the cheapest T-shirt or old-fashioned vintage pants, but even they can be chosen by someone. We pick out of various forms, colors and brands. The first two- the workout of our vision, the last one- an automatic process, sometimes paid attention to.

But if a brand is not being paid attention to? What does that mean in the world of clothing? It still will show a particular style, but fashion- hovers over styles at all times, even though we can’t think of it as it is.

On the other hand, let’s mention those who pay attention to the brands, quality, matching colors, materials, practical value and prior to that – studying fashion runways and shows.

Is that a disease nowadays? Some people think it is and don’t understand those who admire fashion. I am a bright example. Numerous times I’ve seen my friends looking at me in wide-eyed astonishment after mentioning the greatest designers on the planet! And afterwards, escaping the awkward pause in previously normal flow of conversation, the situation makes you explain a lot more than you expected. It occurred even during girl’s talks about shopping!

And I’ve been thinking a lot about it ever since my first conversational downfall.

What are we really missing here? Where is the connection?

I suppose we have forgotten something here- the great ones that create all the means of outer beauty: from the cheapest T-shirts to chiffon dresses and pressed-leather labeled totes!

The ones who help us look good and exactly how we want.

The ones who create every single day…

The ones, who dedicate hours and hours to their artistic creation and are not afraid of being criticized. But on the contrary, using their individual vision and perspective of reality they keep improving in order to satisfy us.
Yes, I’m talking about designers. For most of the time we think they do what they want for their own interest and gratification.

But they should be rewarded with more attention and appreciation! How are they different from artists whose masterpieces have been standing beyond understanding for centuries, like Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh or Picasso? From singers whose voices have been charming our souls for many years, like Luciano Pavarotti, Beatles or Elvis Presley?

The masterpieces of Oscar de La Renta, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and others can’t leave you indifferent!

Fashion is a pure, fantastically elegant art that opens up the whole Universe of aesthetic enjoyment- for our eyes, imagination; gives ideas of combinations that lead to creating individual styles and ability to express ourselves to the whole World and, helping our body language, convey certain messages to others.

It’s probably not fashion that becomes a disease, but the misconception of what really stands behind colorful and spectacular runways, models and splendor.

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