Fashion Time : The Lungi Dance

September 27, 2013 by pathakm95  
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Lets learn something about fashion in "The Lungi"

Lungi (Photo credit: troymckaskle)

We all are acquainted with the Indian Lungi, i’m certain every and each family has this one piece of garment. The drape of this garment is specified it offers the user plenty of simple movement and luxury. it’s terribly open drape and is so preferred in hotter regions which is why it’s a lot of worn in hotter regions like south Asian nation, Sri Lanka, Asian nation and even the japanese oriental countries. The piece of cloth is additionally called a skirt. it’s a standard garment associated fashionable in regions wherever the warmth and humidness produce an unpleasant climate for trousers. piece of cloth is mostly plain-woven from cotton and is obtainable in several styles, colours and patterns.

Depending on native tradition, piece of cloth will be worn by men and/or girls. they’re tied or mounted in varied ways in which, and may be utilized in totally different cultural activities, starting from traditional standard of living to elaborate wedding ceremonies. There area unit varied forms within which a piece of cloth will be draped, however easyst|the only|the best} kind is wherever the piece of cloth is simply draped round the waist and also the 2 ends area unit tied during a simple knot, but the cracker knot is taken into account to be safer. because the Lungi could be a draped garment the length of the line will be altered by adjusting the tucking at the region.

Available in varied prints and self plain-woven styles the piece of cloth has become such a lot stylish that it’s thought-about androgynous garment. the foremost unremarkably worn area unit those with checks or those during a single dark hue.

For everyday wear, individuals merely tie a double knot on their piece of cloth because it is least seemingly to return undone. South Indian ancient garment is that the piece of cloth that is termed because the Mundu. The region near the tropics is severely hot and wet, that’s why the garment is worn by most of the parents within the southern region of Asian nation, the color too opted is white to replicate the suns rays. the normal wedding apparel worn by the groom within the south consists of Lungi that is embellished in gold embroidery and is termed as Kasavu.

With the recent craze of the Lungi dance within the abundant talked concerning film urban center specific, the Indian Lungi is finding its place on the style ramps. illustrious dressmaker Wendell Rodricks has used Lungi in his Ocean Orient Spring Summer 2013 assortment for the Wills modus vivendi Fashion Week, so giving the Lungi a wider craze. The Lungi craze has started everywhere Asian nation and fashion designers are attempting to revitalize this straightforward garment and build it more stylish. Fashion designers have given this garment a makeover. it’s a mode statement currently.

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