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July 28, 2009 by idontdreamidejavu  
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Fashion styling websites.

When looking for clothing and the latest trends, do you find yourself frustrated for not finding what you were looking for or how to put the looks together? In this era of fashion forward fashionistas, their are those who want to be the one’s who set the next best trends, those that want to keep up with the trends and those that just don’t care. With the right pieces (must have items), people ( stylists) and a vision (you), anyone can be a trend setter or be able to keep up with the jones. There are these great sites that can help. My favorite is When you sign up for the newsletter you get about three/four emails a week. In the newsletter you will find the latest arrivals, the buy it now item, several looks and how to put the look together. Reading the newsletter will have you wanting to buy everything. It’s a European based company that follows the trends of various celebrities; Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston,Victoria Beckham and many others. With the merchandise on the website they help you get their look. The prices are moderate the sales are great and the shipping may take more time then usual since is international. Many of my friends that I have referred to the site have never looked back. Another site I like to use is, in this site you get to choose, in categories, your preferences of things your looking for; clothing, shoes, and accessories. Based on what you selected they generate a recommendation of things that you will like. The emails are not as often as but when you get a list of recommendations you’ll find that to be null. Another site like it is, I like this site for the great furniture and home decor recommendations they have. Here’s how both sites work; their are people who look and search for the hottest and coolest things out there. Whatever they post as a recommendation is forwarded to the individual who selected that category. In my experience they tend to do so very well. Both sites are two way streets, not only do you view recommendations, you can post items you recommend as well, very community based. I love it! Now if you find these sites are not helpful you can always hire someone who can pull out the best in you. If you find the others to be expensive I’m only a response away.
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