Fashion Just Keeps Getting Sexier and Skimpier

November 22, 2009 by catherinemokrani  
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As we are about to leave the naughties, we should be ready for a new fashion craze.
this article looks at the trend so far in the naughties, and what might be in vogue in the tens.

The naughties have been just that , it has definitely been the sexiest fashion era yet.

every decade can be identified by its fashion , the 50s was Hollywood glamour , the 60s was go go boots and micro minis and so on up the decades to the naughties where everything is tight and short or see through , the riskier the better.

where is it all going to stop , if the clothes get any tighter or shorter or flimsy then we might as well wear noting , seriously its gone crazy.

Whenever you go shopping to get something nice for a night out you usually end up buying a dress to wear as a top SERIOUSLY. they come just below the ass so you wear them as a top , or else you have to buy another top to go in under the top you just bought cause its so low cut or see through.

Its the era of anything goes, and lets hope it goes too, no more stick thin models we want to see some real women figures make a come back.

We all want to dress up in the latest trend and feel like a celeb, but do we all want to look as sexy as possible whenever possible.

Have we put the women’s movement on hold ,  lets hope it starts up again in the next decade and we stop dressing like sex objects and start dressing like intelligent, beautiful, glamours women again.

The naughties will be looked back on as the riskiest fashion era ever and its time for change its not risky anymore its boring and trashy, it surely can’t keep going this way.

So heres hoping that 2010 brings a full 360 round and women start covering up again, not completely, just a bit of modesty where you can buy a dress and wear it as a dress just leave a little to imagination.

Men know we’re sexy we can stop trying to prove it to them now.

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  1. Shekinah Shazaam Says:

    This especially applies to teenage girls (unfortunately) =[

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