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April 27, 2011 by neopisiva  
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To Queen Elizabeth I red lipstick was the "mask of youth". Elizabeth Arden destined it to every self confident woman, while Marilyn Monroe was its best promoter.
Now it’s time you find a red shade of your own!

Red is the symbol of passionate spontaneity, freedom and confidence that radiates happy woman and wins everyone around.

Since the time when Cleopatra began to mix herbs and put them on her lips so they can seem red, until the present day, fashion designers seemed to have made an eternal pact of scarlet lips as an everlasting trend.

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To promote their first collection of make-up house, Dolce & Gabanna hired sexy actress Scarlett Johansson on which fiery red lips and bright complexion were dominating.

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Do not forget that minimalism in the use of make-up is of great importance in case you want seductive red lips. This means that except for the lips, all other parts of the face must be a priority, except possibly accentuated lashes. More than that can be a sign of bad taste!

Red lipstick requires clean, flawless and brighter complexion, decent shadow, light and airy in the cheeks.

- Blondes are fitted well with brick or coral red color lipstick.

- Brunette are recommended to wear all shades of cyclamen and breathable red lipstick, as well as the color of watermelon. Mmm…yummy.

- But the best is reserved for the redheads, since they can enjoy all possible shades of red.

Have in mind that matte lipstick contains most pigment colors, while glossy lipsticks have a higher percentage of oil.

And what about nail polish? Well, the revolutionized red nail polish appeared in 1932., when the Revlon company launched variations that were faithfully following shades of their lipsticks matches. Famous actress Rita Hayworth 40-ies loved the long red nails and started a trend that quickly spread the world.

Then, how about clothing?

In clothing, there is one simple rule to be followed: red is the most beautiful when it’s alone!. If you decide to put something red on you, it is attractive enough if it is just a detail such as necklace, handbag, bracelet or hairpin. It will make impression; do not exaggerate combining red tones with more red color types.

And what about you – how much do you enjoy red?

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19 Responses to “Fashion in RED”
  1. mikailahmayhem69 Says:

    nice share, thank you :-)

  2. youthinksokiddo Says:

    i like red lipstick, it makes the whole face stand out so much more.

  3. sanaahmed Says:

    nice one

  4. mona rastogi Says:

    good sharing

  5. siriiiii Says:

    RED RED RED …..some times so attractive sometimes dangerous…

  6. KittyK Says:

    I never wear red lipstick, but do wear red nail polish on my toes…

  7. Dreamy777 Says:

    i like the red nice work

  8. Libra91 Says:

    Nice share.

  9. Ukrainian Says:

    One of the key words of this article is minimalism in using make-up. Yes, red lipstick can be dangerous and too bold on one face, but beautiful and appropriate on the other.

  10. kanivel Says:

    Hi neopisiva! Red is favourite colour too! I enjoyed this article. Especially the last para about dressing in red, because I have a lot of red dresses. Thanks a lot.

  11. AdidasVanilla Says:

    Red definitely isn’t one of my favorite colors to wear. It doesn’t stop from buying anything that color, because everyone needs to have something red.

    Red by itself is just completely loud.

  12. Kristie Claar Says:

    great post

  13. juliachild Says:

    Thanks for sharin Kristina…

  14. neopisiva Says:

    Thanks for comments, everybody. Your opinions are always very much appreciated and welcome.

  15. Belle Pierdon Sayles Says:

    I use red sometimes but not regularly..;)

  16. juliachild Says:

    great share

  17. neopisiva Says:

    1. Belle Pierdon, thanks for sharing. Well, some are more fans of red than the others.
    2. Thanks, Juliachild, for commenting, as well.

    3. Your feedbacks are always appreciated.

  18. juliachild Says:

    Good share

  19. KittyK Says:

    I love to wear red, but not for a lipstick because my complexion does not handle that color. I only wear shades of coral or light orange tones for lipstick and when I wear a red outfit, I tend to keep more of a gloss on my lips….Red shoes, handbag, etc.

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