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October 24, 2010 by srbasu  
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Each Season brings its Fashion Trends and Original ideas.

Each season brings its fashion trends and original ideas. Was no exception and the present autumn-winter season. Fashion chip became shortened jackets with shorter sleeves same. Fair to say that the fashion for the shortened jackets come since the spring, then jackets and began to rapidly “fall”, sometimes reaching up to the minimum length and ending just under the armpits. Now, however, have been shortened and the sleeves.

This trend stems from the fact that fashion went knitted gloves, with their length gradually increases, proportionally reducing thus the length of the sleeves. Current models fall jackets can have free sleeves, ending just above the elbow. But the gloves will come nearly to the elbow, covering his hands and secured them from the cold.

In fashion this fall, also remains a sporty style. Actually, it never goes out of fashion. And the secret of such popularity that the sport models look equally good as the young girls with perfect proportions and for mature women with few figures.

Feature of the sporting style of the current autumn / winter season are straight silhouettes and a minimum of decoration. Even the clasp on the blazers and jackets in a sporty style as noticeable, is dominated by hidden fasteners. Fashionable also remain and hoods.

As for color, then the Blazers are characteristic of neutral colors. But for the jackets are fashionable coloring into the cell.

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