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             Dhoti pants: a trendy garment

Indian Fashion Designers considered classic Indian garment, Dhoti, as a modern alternative to trousers.

As a result dhoti drape was used to design a capacious pant silhouette of light fabric which gave a trendy look to pants.

Various fashion designers used dhoti drape in their outfit:

Vogue Fashion Fund 2012 runner up: Payal Pratap Singh designed a boldly coloured dhoti pant outfit with a short kurty embroided blouse

Tarun Tahillani experimented with dhoti drape at Lakme Fashion Week where he introduced fluidy whispy drape, followed up by another version in pristine white.

The latest Dhoti trend also got famous among college students :

Fashion student Deepika Sharma explains about versatile nature of dhoti pants as they can be teamed with T-shirt, kurta, and gave a great look.

Another student Dhwani Raj expressed her views by saying that dhoti pants are hottest thing this time around.

So dhoti are no longer male domain as women have taken to these garment with a twist.

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