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November 19, 2013 by bestpay  
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When it comes to facial features, our eyes are often the first things that get noticed. Our eyes are powerful communication tools and we use them in a million varied and subtle ways every day. Being as they are such useful and busy parts of our bodies, it seems fair that we should treat them well. To help our eyes look their best this Autumn/Winter, I’ve trawled the fashion and beauty sites gathering tips on which looks are in for eyes right now.

Eye shadow

Colouring your lids with eye shadow is a sure fire way of accentuating your best assets and bringing out the unique qualities of your eyes. Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the last two years, you will be well aware of the ubiquitous smoky eyed trend that has been sweeping the runways, catwalks and high streets of Western Europe. To achieve this signature look, dark charcoals, gun metals and grey shades are used to colour the upper and lower lids, drawing the shape outwards with a fine, feline tail. The late and sadly missed Amy Winehouse was a big fan of this look, and in her absence the trend has been continued, if modified for a cleaner, sleeker effect.


As well as dark and brooding smoky eyes, shades this season are all about warm, bold palettes and rich painterly strokes. Midnight blue, metallic reds and purples, glossy caramel and gold blends – all designed to    open up your eyes to their full potential. The Autumn Winter catwalks featured plenty of sixties influenced eye make-up, heavily kohled, dark eyes featuring sweeping eye liners in black and silver and monochrome dots on lower lash line for a truly swinging twist.  This focus on introducing colour and definition to the lower lash line began in Spring 2013 and is set to continue this season. In contrast to some of the refined and elegant make up designs featured on the catwalks, an edgier more rock and roll, grungy interpretation was notable. Think pale Gothic, dark eye sockets, Tim Burtonesque mannequins and overdone kohl and you won’t go far wrong.


Beautiful eyes need to be framed by beautiful brows. But which direction is brow shape heading at the moment? It seems the days of over-plucked, pale brows are long gone and now the eyebrow with attitude has well and truly arrived. The current fashion for brows is very much for bold, well defined shapes that sit quite prominently above your eyes. Firm lines, boosted with brow pencils where necessary, will give you an up to date look this winter. Whether bushy or groomed, eyebrows are most definitely making their presence felt at the moment. Take a look at the brows of super models such as Cara Delavigne and you’ll get an indication of the look everybody wants.


Don’t overlook the lashes! Every self-respecting make up aficionado should carry a pair of quality lash curlers in their vanity case. This simple but effective tool will instantly give the impression of opening up your eyes, making them appear larger and more gorgeous. If a couple of coats of mascara is not enough to big up your lashes, then why not consider going false? False eyelashes are widely available in many styles and are quick and easy to apply. No need to look like a drag queen, you can go as over the top or subtle as you like. For super-glamorous impact try out different styles until you find the ones for you – choose from disco, lux, feather, doll, bat lashes and more, all certain to lift your look into another realm.



The current love affair with all things retro in popular culture is being reflected on the catwalks this season. Starlets of the Hitchcock era have been providing inspiration to the fashion world and designers have been marshalling the fashion flavours of Grace Kelly, Tippi Hedren, Ingrid Bergmann and Kim Novak into a delicious kaleidoscope of vintage glamour. The number one accessory of choice for starlets of the 1950s and 60s was a pair of divine sunglasses. Guaranteed to give them that air of mystique and style that Hollywood demanded, it’s still possible to get this look today with sunglasses from brands such as Bvlgari and Ray ban.  Look like a starlet this season and enhance your eyes with a pair of stunning, vintage style sunglasses.

The eyes definitely have it this season – whether it’s lids, lashes, brows or shades, there’s plenty to look into…

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