European Fashionistas and Leading Lady Trend-Setters

March 17, 2009 by nukegirl  
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European ladies fashions vs. American lady fashions and the differences between them.

It seems that elite and stylish fashion comes effortlessly easy to the women across the pond from the United States.  European women seem to exude sexiness and have cornered the market on looking stunning and fit to a tee.  Their look seems so pulled together and the presentation is evident in their million dollar runway poses. European women have made their mark in generating popular trends from Berlin to Milan.   European women do not skimp on frills even in a bad economy.  Do European women possess a fashion secret that we can’t seem to capture or do they just have easier access to some of the top designer trends in the industry? It is not uncommon for Italian woman to save for six months to buy a designer outfit.  European women are not afraid of color and adding accessories to their outfits such as beading, Jewels, feathers and ruffles.  Even their everyday denim is glamorized and accentuated.  Tailored and fitted garments are popular with the Europeans and tops and pants that can be worn as basics are kept for a long time. 

European women take pride in their appearance as fashion plays a big part in their lives. European fashions differ from region to region and are not at all globalized. Italians for example are one of the most fashion conscious in all of Europe.  If you’ve ever traveled throughout Italy you will notice how elegantly the women are dressed almost on a daily basis.  Italians seem to gravitate toward basic black tailored and fitted garments unlike the UK where colorful garments abound. They are more about minimalist styles that accentuate the body.  If you want to dress like an Italian woman you should avoid loud colors and don not wear short skirts.   Italian women prefer leather shoes, knee length skirts and neutral colors with no distracting patches, prints or embroidery making them look flawless and well put together.   European women seem to lead the way in fashionable trends and are not afraid to take risks in fashion.  American women have a more relaxed wardrobe and are more brand conscious and not as pulled together.

Fashion seems to have lost its edge by the time the trend reaches America. American designers tend to take European haute couture and attempt to make it urban and less sophisticated which is the main reason why European women tend to carry off more of a chic look.  Europe seems to be the source of renewable and innovative fashion ideas rather than rehashing old designs.  Individuality of European women in relationship to fashion is very much a personal statement.  Thats not to say that American women hold themselves to a lower standard its just a different kind of culture group.  British women are more independent when expressing their fashion sense and the majority of American women seem to play it safe and are less risky and conservative.   A large percentage of women in the states wear relaxed fitting sweat pants and jeans whereas the Brits seem to lean toward a more formal everyday wear and smart business dress.  Fashion forward European women seem to capture the essence of timeless style and elegance with a smattering of luxury.  So are European women just more passionate about what they wear and how they look?  One must take into consideration that society and culture definitely plays a part and defines a particular style group.  American women are not necessarily less stylish but just more relaxed.  It is evident that products that are accepted and become popular or fashionable to the masses are exclusively determined by society and social circles.

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