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Most of the men tend to be preserved about revealing their sexual issues.

They sometimes find it difficult to share these issues with doctors or close friends. But when a problem arises, it is not safe to hide it, which can bring serious impact in the future. There is lot of cases which has taken a serious form in the long run. For the sexual enhancement of the male organs, the medical industry has brought a safe remedy that render good solution. One among such solutions is the Vimax Pills.

Vimax Pills has been more than a decade into the market established itself with male enhancement supplements. The powerful herbal pills boost stamina, sexual desire and give long lasting erections. Strictly taken as per the medication guidelines, it has shown positive results to men. It contains various herbs combined from different parts of the world to bring a resultant formula for penis enhancement.

Benefits of Vimax Pills

Taking pills as per the medical dosage substantially helps in increased stamina and sexual desire. It helps to increase the size of your penis to bring sexual desire to your partner. The herbs inside pills contain the formula that fosters blood circulation thereby enlarging your penis and long lasting erection. The blood flow always keeps your penis stronger and harder that foster hard erections to satisfy your sex partner. It renders more orgasms and helps to stop pre mature ejaculations.  It is scientifically tested, proved with no side-effects if taken adhered to the dosage prescribed in the cover or as per a recognized medical practitioner.

When to see the Results

Weeks 1-4: Taking the pills in the first month will increase your stamina and sexual urge.

Weeks 4-8: After one month, you can see a stronger and wider penis. It gradually starts increasing its length and size. The herbal formula brings an effective result to make your penis to hang longer without erection.

Weeks 9+: you get a noticeable change seeing your penis look longer and stronger that you have never imagined!

Composition of Vimax Pills

The ingredients of Vimax Pills are perfectly rich with natural herbs found mostly from islands within the proximity to Polynesia. It is a fact that the tribes at Polynesia have the stamina to making love thrice in nighttime.

Dodder Seed: Known as kidney yang tonic, it is a remedial solution for premature ejaculation, impotence and nocturnal emission.

Epimedium Sagittatum: The Chinese medical practitioners claim that horny goat weed will increase the libido and foster erection.

Gingko Bilaba: Ginkgo helps in oxygenation and blood circulation. The herbal affect provides improved functioning of the brain and central nervous system apart from impotence.

Panax Ginseng: It stimulates a positive vibration to the sex glands giving both physical and mental rejuvenation. It increases blood and sperm count apart from helping to prevent infertility and premature ejaculation.

Tribulus Terestris Powder: This is now being promoted as a sex booster as well as bringing results against infertility among the couples.

Saw Palmetto Powder: Research has found out that an extract of this powder reduced the size of prostate to 13%. It increases the sexual energy in men.

Hawthorne Berry: This helps in providing good blood circulation and balanced cholesterol; which is a best medicine for heart patients.

Inosine Anhydrous: Without affecting the inhalation of oxygen to our lungs, this provides an ability to carry oxygen harder and stronger resulting to a good sexual activity.

Oats Milky Seed: It is used to stimulate both the genders equally for good erection.

Cayenne Pepper: It helps to rebuild tissue, control blood circulation. It is good remedy for preventing heart strokes and attacks through effective heart beat.

Other Ingredients:

Beside the above ingredients, it contains Magnesium Stearate, corn, milk, wheat gluten, sugar, sodium along with artificial coloring and preservatives.


The dosage of Vimax Pills is usually 1 per day in the morning with enough water. You can enhance your sexual performance by taking this pill 30 minutes before the intercourse.

As it is made 100% natural, it is free from any sort of side effects. However, misuse of this drug like over dosage can bring serious health troubles and hormonal imbalances. 

You can order the Vimax Pills by searching online. The company offers a 60 day money back scheme whereby if you are not satisfied with the desired result, you can return the product. These pills can be used by men aged 18 to 74. Over a decade into this market, this product does not boast about what it offer, rather it is the customers that has made them a pioneer till today and for the long years to come!

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