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September 6, 2009 by shalinimalgaon  
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Have you ever in the mirror and shrugged his shoulders, small breasts, narrow hips, or belly up?

Have you ever in the mirror and shrugged his shoulders, small breasts, narrow hips, or belly up? Please remember that no woman, including the fabulous lingerie model, has a perfect body. However, some women with smart clothing choices have to manage, and minimize its flaws accentuate the strengths better than others. These women are able to achieve, especially because they are too understand their body types.

The female body can be divided into five forms in the chest, waist and hip proportions are based are classified. The body shape is the total size independent. For example, while Debra Messing and Keera Knightly look quite different than in May of size, have substantially the same rectangular body shape.


if your breasts and hips about the same size and scope are not defined, you have a banana or rectangular body shape. Measure your waist is less than nine inches smaller than the hips or bust. Although there may be more extensive versions of this body, you are more than likely a small or medium size bust, with relatively slender legs and arms. Dressing, should be your goal, add the curves of your body by the shoulders and hips.

Girly dresses and skirts add curves of the female body to its needs. Look for trailers with clothes that glide your body, not cling to it. Justice not only too tight intensifies the frame. Fall and wrap dresses give the illusion of a well-defined size. Invest in the definition of the waist belt worn comfortably on T-shirts, jackets and coats. Tie or tape may also help get out the right side of the waist. Details of the method as a halter, fly, lace and beads has been extremely feminine.

Stay away stress from the tops and baggy trousers to see how your lack of curves. Choose a flat front trousers slightly flared at the end pave his way. Please never bra-less under a weak start, even if you have small breasts, because it seems very bad taste. Unless you are exceptionally gifted at the high collar and a half.

Celebrities shares of the shape of your body, Debra Messing, Jade Pinkest Smith, Hilary Duff, Keera Knightly.


If the hip measurement is at least two inches longer than the measurement of the chest and waist is clearly defined, has a pear shape or a triangle. Proportion is likely to have narrow shoulders and a bust in the medium term. You should try to balance your lower half by volume on his torso.
Use accessories and details to draw attention to the upper body. For example, a wrap dress will emphasize your chest, waist to neither emphasize the clearly defined nor hide broad hips and thighs. Large flaps adorning the neck, shoulder help to extend the small body. Short-sleeved tops, the attention always on the upper body. To prevent the volume from the hips, hold down the right and slightly flared skirts.

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