Dare to Wear Extraordinarily Weird Fashion

February 18, 2009 by Louie Jerome  
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Some fashion ideas are quite fleeting, but others really take off and become popular worldwide at all levels of the market. When new collections are unveiled, it is usually easy to see which will eventually filter down to the High Street and which will only be worn on the catwalk. However, there are no certainties.

Spring is traditionally the time of year when fashion houses reveal their new collections. London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona are famous venues for these exhibitions in Europe. Then you have Japan, and New York, plus countless others.  Each venue has its own preferred designers and styles and these range from what you might term ‘wearable’ fashion, to impractical works of art that are fabulously decorative, but unlikely to be worn on the club scene, or as an everyday fashion item.

Fashion for men is not usually as daring as it is for women but there are some notable exceptions. One extreme example of male fashion was a gentleman with plastic bottle earrings which come complete with pet goldfish and a fabulous hat with dolls on top and a female head attached.  (Unfortunately picture has been removed.)

Cedar  cones added a special something to this startling outfit and as the old adage says, ‘two heads are better than one’.  I think I would agree here.  Find him on Flickr under Japanese fashion.

For fashionable guys out there who don’t fancy the ‘dolly girl’ hat, or the goldfish earrings.  Outfits blurring the boundary between the genders were popular at the 2008 fashion shows.  The comfort factor is somewhat uncertain, I would have thought, but, being female, I have no direct experience.

Gothic Lolita style is very popular in Japan.  The fashion we are talking about is mainly worn by the young and the  popular platform boots are somewhat familiar from the 60’s. (Picture removed.)


NYC Fashion fashion week Fall 2008 concentrated on silhoutte, fabric and colour. New York was the first of the season. Much of this range is in fabulous wearable colours and styles.  The recession didn’t deter these designers, notably Vera Wang with that fabulous eggplant colour.

Perhaps the biggest revolution in fashion is happening in Japan. Schoolgirls are really kicking the traces. They go to tanning studios and wear blonde wigs, not to mention the range of clothing that is constantly changing.

Some far more extreme example of Japanese fashion can be sen here. At the present time the Japanese seem to be at the leading edge of a fast moving fashion trend among young women.

Men’s fashion modelled by siuper model Matthew Avedon.

Haute Couture, Paris. Weird, or not?  Some of this is a bit strange, or is it the music?

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22 Responses to “Dare to Wear Extraordinarily Weird Fashion”
  1. Glynis Smy Says:

    Brilliant! I loved the whole subject and the way you laid it out. I realise I am quite a conservative dresser when I saw some of those Japanese girls!

  2. clay hurtubise Says:

    You mean I wasn’t suppose to go to work dressed like the Folsom St. guy? :)

  3. BC Doan Says:

    Very entertaining, and like Glynis, I’m too conservative dresser!

  4. Louie Jerome Says:

    Doesn’t matter, Clay, if you look like him. He doesn’t need clothes.

  5. Jojo Skeene Says:

    Fashionista!…people are sometimes have a weird way of dressing up! Hmnn

  6. Betty Carew Says:

    Great article Louie but a little beyond my reach in style as well as price lol.

  7. maranatha Says:

    Well done! I love the first tag you chose, ‘bad hair day’. I’m still chuckling….

  8. Fegger Says:

    And what of those parading in large marsupial costumes of pink or plaid? Does fashion know age?

  9. Bren Parks Says:

    I loved it…very interesting, and the videos were a great addition!

  10. Louie Jerome Says:

    No, Fegger, fashion doesn’t know age, but I do! LOL

  11. C Jordan Says:

    Well put together Louie.

  12. Mark Gordon Brown Says:

    The best holiday for me is Halloween, because then I can dress how ever I want and nobody will raise an eyebrow. For the record, how I like to dress is Goth. People need to have more fun with clothing – thanks for your link

  13. Daisy Peasblossom Says:

    Think I’ll stick to my pull-overs and slacks for work, and jeans for weekends.

  14. Joie Schmidt Says:

    Another interesting unique article – nice work!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  15. Judy Sheldon Says:

    Funny, we were just discussing fashion at work today and the people who dress trans gender. Great coverage, Lizzie. Thanks!

  16. Yovita Siswati Says:

    The Harajuku girls are indeed unique and interesting. If I am not mistaken Gwen Steffany also wear Harajuku style and engage several Harajuku girls to dance in her video.

  17. Debra Mann Says:

    I loved the article, Louie! I’m a big fashion show fan.

  18. Anne Lyken Garner Says:

    Many of the models on stage are probably quite happy to go out in jeans and a tee shirt. You just have to wear what they give you, honest.

    Yes, I too, am a conservative dresser when I’m picking my own clothes.

  19. George W Whitehead Says:

    Excellent article, Louie.

  20. Lex92 Says:

    maybe i should get a new wardrobe :) lol great article :)

  21. Destinedtobe Says:

    Kinda funny! Interesting though

  22. Kate Smedley Says:

    Some interesting fashion! I love all of the catwalk hype, thanks for sharing this.

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