Damn my Calves! A Cry for Justice in the Fashion World

October 22, 2008 by S L Ballard  
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Ever felt a fashion trend was just not going to work with your body shape? My calves restrict the most basic need for skinny jeans and boots.

Alright, let me first say that I am a fan of fashion. Not that I try to mimic what’s hot on the emaciated runway models, but I like to think that I’m pretty hip to the current fashion trends. You know: leggings with mini-skirts, leopard print, and the like. But this leads me to my biggest fashion qualm: skinny jeans with knee-high boots.

Ok, not to completely bash this fashion trend, I think it’s pretty cute. It’s not so much a qualm as it is a cry for justice!

“Justice?” you may ask. Yes, justice. This skinny jean and boot combo, together or separate, are for those of the skinny calved variety.

That’s right; I do not have skinny calves. They’re quite muscular, and I’m rather fond of them in heels and a skirt, but those skinny jeans and/or boots are not for me and my fellow calved brethren.

Just the other week I found myself in a shoe store drooling over all the new boots. So many varieties, colors, heel heights, and details, oh my! And I tried them on. All of them. Every size nine fit my foot, but not my calves.

For shame, gorgeous boots! Why don’t shoe companies make not only sizes to fit the foot but also sizes to fit the calves? It would make sense, considering these boots have to get over my calves AND my feet.

It’s the same problem I have with the skinny jean phenomenon. They’re too tight, sometimes so tight that I can’t even get them OVER my calves. My calves aren’t monumentally huge, they seem normal enough to me. The discrimination!

No matter how much I want it, this trend is just not for me. Oh, woe is me. Feel my pain. Because I so desperately want to wear skinny jeans and boots, just like all the other girls. This, of course, says nothing for individuality but what in popular fashion trends do?

I implore those in charge of boots and jeans to give them a little more room, so that I may experience this trend. My calves ache to be restricted by jeans and fine quality leather! Someone, please, feel my pain and end my struggle!

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