Cross Dressing Chinese Pensioner Big Hit

November 24, 2012 by tonyleather  
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Images of Liu Xianping went viral, which has seen internet users world-wide branding him world’s coolest grandfather.

Liu Xianping is a 72-year-old Chinese man who has become an Internet sensation. Why? Well after commenting that clothes his grand-daughter made were very pretty, she used him, with his approval of course, as a cross-dressing model to promote her clothing store.

Grand-daughter Lu Qing – who lives in southern China’s Guangdong province – then proceeded to post pictures of her grandfather – dressed in an array of pink skirts, red tights and fur-lined women’s jackets, just with the aim of promoting Yuekou, her online fashion outlet. She did not anticipate that images of Liu Xianping would go viral, which has seen internet users world-wide branding him world’s coolest grandfather.

They were impressed by his slender legs, modelling poise and the way he carried the clothes, so much so that the Lu Qing clothing website has They had huge numbers of visitors, selling five times as many clothes as had been the case. She reported that, previously, she sometimes sold fewer than 10 items a day, and felt depressed about the business, but that had all changed.

Her grandfather was  said to be completely gobsmacked by the reaction to the photos, but was nonetheless unlikely to accept offers from at least three other stores had asked him to pose for them. He did it for fun, his grand-daughter claims, being a fun character himself, and thinks bringing people’s attention to the elderly is a great thing to do.

Liu had previously in life worked as a teacher and a farmer, and needed little prompting to take up modelling, Lu said, adding that he had seen some new stock one day, thought some of the colours were pretty, his favourite item being a red coat that he was more than happy to model.

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  1. stevetheblogger Says:

    Wonderful and good luck to him
    Best Wishes

  2. lauralu Says:

    Interesting and amusing you come up with some unusual stuff (:

  3. Moses Ingram Says:

    Great article, I loved it and thanks for sharing.

  4. OhSugar Says:

    The relationship between the granddaughter and her grandfather has to be pretty special and that touched me more than any part of the story. However, I did like it.

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