Cosmopolitan Types of Question and Snag

November 12, 2010 by Zsolt72  
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What are “Cosmopolitan” types of questions?

What are ‘Cosmopolitan’ types of questions? My husband doesn’t like the Cosmopolitan magazines type of questions. It means any questions that are too general and refers to a large group of people and where it is meaningless to give a specific opinion. At the same time, it doesn’t make sense to mention one and serve that like a sweeping statement to a big group of people who doesn’t reflect the same notion.

What it means is something like a very subjective question. Most of the time like these, he can’t answer the question.

It’s funny but when you think about these questions like ‘Types of Guys to Avoid”, or “How can you tell if someone is being a player?” I find it amusing because it is what exactly emotional questions are about. Some men could answer such questions about relationships, about love, about feelings and about emotions. Especially during courtship, I find some potential guys are good at chatting up on these topics :)

SNAG in the urban dictionary is referring it to the abbreviation form of Sensitive New Age Guy. The one thing I don’t agree is they are more timid and sensitive. It also says snag is similar to a metrosexual, just that they are more timid. I think men who have taste and style and know about fashion, art and culture are interesting. I still don’t consider the term timid should come in.

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