Are Moustaches Creepy?

April 18, 2011 by Z Fightmaster  
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A recent study says I dunno.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about moustaches recently, and I’ve found a dilemma. I cannot decide whether or not they are creepy. A moustache, if you didn’t know, according to wikipedia is “facial hair grown on the outer surface of the upper lip.” Now that you know what it is, you are probably realizing you have seen many of these things, and are also probably realizing you don’t know whether they are creepy or not either. I currently am in the process of growing a moustache, so I have some insight to the moustache wearers mind. I don’t feel creepy. I look kind of creepy, since it’s not very full. I have noticed no change in thought, or behavior, perhaps because the moustache is not fully functional. There are many people who have moustaches and are creepy. You can find many of these people on sites such as, and google image searches for “creepy moustaches”. However, you can also find many moustaches on faces of people you can easily trust, like Tom Selleck, or Ron Jeremy. Moustaches have been given a bad name by people like Snidely Whiplash, Lando Calrissian, Friedrich Nietzsche, Hitler, and Hulk Hogan, they are seen as something to be feared, worn by evil men presumably to hide their evil upper lip. Now these men make up only a small portion of the moustache community, which I found out existed the exact moment I decided to grow a moustache, and should not sway your judgement of men with hair above their lip. It really comes down to something deeper, possibly even deeper than the fact that they have a moustache….There’s a person behind that hair, don’t ever forget it.

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