ANTM19, College Edition: Top 5 Pose in Water

November 3, 2012 by fifileigh  
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Friday, November 2, 2012.

The top five girls return to their house after judging, and they check out Nastasia’s best photograph posted inside the house. Kristin doesn’t like any of the girls. They are all getting on her nerves. Kiara feels she needs to improve her work to prove to Tyra that she can be a model. Leila is excited that she is in the game again, and she wants to do good work for her fans who voted her back in the game. She doesn’t want to disappoint her Social Network fans.

The next morning, the girls meet Johnny W. at the beach, and he has Bob Marley’s daughter with him. He tells the girls that they will model swimwear as they pose in the ocean with two dolphins. The winner of this photo shoot will get to spend the whole day in a spa, and she will get to take a friend with her. She will also get $10,000 added to her ANTM bank account. Each girl takes her turn posing in the water. A dolphin accidentally bumps hard into Leila, and she asks a medical person to check her before she continues with her photo shoot. The medical person places an ice pack on Leila’s thigh. When she returns into the water, she poses high fashion angles as she models the bathing suit. Laura struggles in the water. When she glides out of the water with the dolphin, her bikini top falls down, displaying her breasts to the whole beach. Johnny announces that Leila is the winner of this photo shoot. She asks Kiara to go to the spa with her. When the girls arrive inside their house, they notice bunch of beachwear merchandise for Leila. Wearing her bathing suit and sunglasses as well as her hair in a high bun, Kristin sits in the swimming pool by herself. She hates Leila, probably because the judges and Social Network fans love Leila’s photographs and high fashion look.

The next morning, the girls go downstairs to see cocktail drinks, in bright pink and yellow colors, waiting on the table for them. They check their Tyra Mail, which announces a photo shoot. They meet Johnny at a dock. Tyra suddenly comes zooming towards them on a jet-ski. She will be their photographer for their waterfall photo shoot. Inside a tent, she dresses each girl in a particular style, with either pipe, metal, shells, fabric, or wood, on each girl’s head as well as on each girl’s body. They even have weird makeup design on their face that looks tribal. Each girl takes her turn posing on a slippery waterfall. Nastasia has a circular pipe piece placed on her head. Kiara has a round but flat metal plate placed on top her head, similar to a headband sticking out of her head like a tiara. Laura wears coral pieces in her hair as well as shells necklace and shells belt. The corals in her hair look like sea flowers adorning her head and body. Kristin wears a fabric on top of her head. But it keeps sliding off. Leila wears a wooden crown on her head as well as some wooden bangles and other wooden pieces on her body.

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    Nice update. at least i know whats happening to antm :)

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