Amino Acid Diet to Get Thicker Eyelashes

May 12, 2012 by saffana  
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Bean and soybean, can accelerate the growth of eyelashes.

Too many of us overlook the importance of eyelash treatments. While we are just busy with the affairs of how to make eyelashes become thicker and tapering. Embroider or embellish the eyes with eyebrows, eliminate dark circles around the eyes.

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Though the hair eyelashes are quite fragile and tend to quickly grow back. Causes of hair loss due to rubbing the eyes can be too hard, too often use the eyelash curler, eye fatigue, and lack of nutrition course.You can go on a diet rich in amino acids to accelerate the growth of eyelashes. Protein, beans, and soybeans are the necessary nutrients for the skin, hair, eyelashes, and nails.

Be sure to consume healthy fats, like omega3, vitamins C, E, B, as well as magnesium, zinc, sulfur, and beta carotene. Vitamins and minerals will help the growth of eyelashes and hair. You also have to keep the lashes that are not dehydrated, dry the lashes, the more fragile. Hospitalized with the petroleum jelly cream that serves as a conditioner for eyelashes. Or olive oil may also, before you sleep.

Do not forget to clean the rest of mascara. Clean with a special liquid, instead of makeup remover!

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