A New Study Shows That a Moustache May Make Hay Fever Worse

July 26, 2011 by Xyon81  
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If you love your moustache but also suffer from hay fever it may be time to reconsider your facial fuzz.

According to a new study and published on the daily mail if you suffer from hay fever your moustache may be making your symptoms worse. Your moustache may in fact be trapping pollen and keeping it there longer than it needs to be therefore making your moustache worse. Even styling it with a nice moustache wax may cause it to stick around a little longer. One of the studies showed that men who washed their moustaches twice a day with liquid soap used fewer antihistamines and decongestants. The reason for this being that when it was cleaned the cleaning process got rid of the pollen grains that were stuck. Dr Rob Hicks, GP and author of Beat Your Allergy, says: ‘Like clothing, skin and hair, a moustache will trap pollen throughout the day.‘A man with hay fever might consider shaving off his moustache to see whether it makes a difference.‘That would probably be easier and more effective than remembering to wash it twice a day.’

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