1960’s Fashion Still Affects Fashion Trends of Today

November 24, 2010 by Alekath  
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Learn how the fashion of the 60’s still affects today’s trends.


The fashion world works in cycles.  Fashions that were once popular in the past will once again come back again.  1960’s fashions are beginning to make their presence once again.  Sixties clothes were the product of a very innovative era.  Fashion was influenced by the younger generation of people who were spending their hard-earned income on clothes.  Music was one of three major influences on 1960 fashion.  Miniskirts, pillbox hats, tie dye outfits, go-go boots, leather vests, afros, brightly colored bikinis, and more were just a few of the innovative things introduced during this era.


Jackie Kennedy introduced a new style of elegant wear to the American 1960s fashion world when she allowed a foreign designer to create Americanized versions of many popular French outfits.  Ms. Kennedy enjoyed dressing up and was one of the new younger generations of women.  She introduced the popular pillbox hat, and the three quarter sleeve jacket.  Her husband on the other hand helped to put the final nail in the coffin for men’s hats.  He wore a hat for his inauguration but did not wear one for his most remembered speech.


American ideas about swimsuits didn’t change until the American musical, Beach Party, was released.  1960 fashion in Europe had embraced the shrinking bikini but American women didn’t follow until this popular musical made the bikini fashionable.  Even after this, American fashion was slow to accept the change until the sexual freedom movement of the early 70s.   Women’s hairstyles that began with the beehive cut slowly fell out of favor in the 60s and eventually women began to sport short hair made popular by the model, Twiggy.  However, all things work in cycles and long hair once again became fashionable at the end of the decade when the hippie movement took hold of sixties fashion.


Celebrities were often the reason that a new fashion style would take hold.  Audrey Hepburn made the skinny jeans popular almost overnight.  Jane Fonda made the Newsboy cap a staple item in women’s fashion by the end of the sixties.  Barbra Streisand made the top with a crew-cut-neck popular when she wore it at her performances.  Jacqueline Kennedy, a major fashion icon, helped popularize the strapless evening gown with elbow length white gloves.  Today is no different as celebrities and other popular media icons help to set the standard for fashion.


The fashion world today is influenced by many past trends from decades gone.  The skinny tie is making a comeback from 1960s fashion and many Italian designers are exploring new versions of the popular 60s clothes including the pointed shoes that the Beatles made a standard in the early 60s.  While you may not see much tie-dye in today’s fashion, the hippie movement is once again affecting fashion with its floral patterns.  Top designers are implementing unusual floral patterns into party dresses and all types of outfits.  The mini-skirt is back with a vengeance and fashion designers are all vying to create their own new version of this popular 1960s fashion icon.

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