This How to Can Orgasm by Stimulating The G-spot

November 22, 2012 by baraccuda  
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Where the G-spot? G-spot is located precisely at 2-5 cm from the vagina. When that point is touched, she will feel the sensation of its own. Can Orgasm by Stimulating the G-spot.

However, not all women do not feel the sensation. For some women, such as the G-spot area completely hidden and hard to find, so when stimulated they do not feel anything. While a number of other women, when the G-spot is stimulated, they will feel the sensation to urinate.

How to keep the G-spot can be stimulated by a partner? Communication is the key. The he certainly can not easily find the G-spot, if you do not communicate what you are feeling when the pair touched.

In order to orgasm can occur with G-spot stimulation, the following things to note:

1. What can be done with the G-spot?

Once you understand the basic things about the G-spot, which then must be known is what can be done with such a sensitive area? Actually, to stimulate the G-spot termudahnya way is to tap directly into the area with your finger. This is done so that you yourself know where the G-spot.

After you alone understand, it’s time to experiment couples. Ask him to do exactly as you lakoni. Do it until you feel the sensation while he’s looking for the G-spot.

2. How to feel the G-spot during sex?

The next stage that you and your partner need to know about the G-spot area is how to feel during lovemaking. Instead of a finger, the couple would be difficult to feel the G-spot with his penis. For that, you must direct him to find that point.

In order for the G-spot is stimulated, you could try to have sex with the woman on top position and doggy style. Both positions are not only able to make a woman reach orgasm, but also beneficial for men.

3. The importance of G-spot stimulation to make a woman orgasm

Quite a lot of women who experience ejaculation or orgasm during G-spot stimulated. So try as foreplay, couples do stimulating it. Make him understand that it is the most effective way to make you happy while making love.

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