The Role of Women in Our Modern Society

December 6, 2006 by Inashaza  
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A girl becomes a woman, a woman becomes a wife, a woman becomes a mother, a woman becomes a grandmother, a woman becomes a relative.

So, woman are still equals to men because without them they can not reproduce.

Women are equal to men that is one of the basics of human rights. What does this mean? Was there a time when men and women were not equal and what is it to be a woman. Women are viewed as girls, mothers, wives, grandmothers, relatives and friends.

When a girl is born her room is often painted in pink and her cloths are the same colour. Pink is the light colour of red, the color of blood. This is because women have to reproduce and make children. Red has been a controversial colour during the Communist era because it was the emblem. Women are mothers. They bear there babies in their womb for no more than nine months. A woman can have multiple births and they get help from the Government when it happens to them.

Wives become wives by going to the Mayor and or Church to have their wedding registered. The wives have many things to do in order to have a descent wedding. This means that most of the time they have to inform to others about their wedding, receive gifts and say thank you in return. A wedding list is difficult to make. That is why there is now wedding consultants. They often work in malls. In case of weddings, there is often the question of bread winner. In most societies the man and the woman don’t work and this is hard to understand because unless you are a well known lawyer how can your wife stay at home.

Some economists have thought about this. There are some economist which are against divorce, others that favour divorce and others that favor no marriage. Grandmothers are the guardian of traditions and often they keep the grandchildren while their parents are away. A woman is also a relative and a friend and this is the hardest part. As a relative a woman is judged by how she behaves and gives advice. And as a friend a woman is a confident who is ready to alleviate sufferings by showing her love. The Beijing Summit organized by the United Nations is an example on how women have attracted the attention of the world on their situation. The famous representations of women who have are the Little Mermaid, Empress Elizabeth of Austria and Germany (“Sissi”) and Liz Taylor for example.

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  1. binkam samuel Says:

    not related to the titled matter

  2. John Says:

    no offense intended but you rambled alot throughout about economists and such but they are really not relevant to the topic. anyway it is the man’s responsibility to make sure that the wife and children are cared for.

    In essence as the head of the household, the man is held accountable if something occurs that disrupts the well being of his family.

    The problem with today’s society is the fact that people don’t respect(or most times even know) what the role of each in the relationship should be. A marriage is a partnership, The man as the head of the household is supposed to give his wife the guidance she needs to thrive peacefully in Happiness and Love

    At the same time the wife should help her husband, in doing so their life and relationship together will grow . However, if she is constantly nagging the husband rather than helping him to build their lives together, or if he is constantly berating her,then the marriage will not be successful.

    It really comes down to mutual Love and respect.

    food for thought

  3. maisaa Says:

    no offense but when i started to read i noticed as if a 2 year old boys has wrote it ,,in adition ,,informations are sooo limited ,,they mentioned the developement of women s role and these informations are old

  4. Lucy Says:

    No offense Maisaa-your grammar is atrocious and you write like how you speak.

    As for John’s comment, food for thought-your ideas are archaic. In today’s society and the historical influences that ‘man’ should be the provider is often not the case. In marriage it is a give and take situation or rather a ‘reciprocal’ one, one that allows equal hearing of each others’ vision/opinions on things.

    What it really comes down to it is about mutual love and respect but also honesty, similar vision and background on how to bring up the children, how you both see each other in the far future, the ability to communicate these things etc.

  5. AMANDA Says:


  6. FATIMAH Says:

    i think you have explained more about gender socialisation and women in traditional societies than being relevant to the subject.But still i could gather some information fron your article.

  7. ram Says:

    i am fully agreed that women’s have major role to make the person to be a still complete man and gives impression in their life to be always humble to solve the matter for unsolved things because there is lot unsolved views around every single men’s life where he always think it what he has to do. I think if men needs more progress he must listion to women much more in their life. Women’s have a vital role in our life and I agree for that when my wife came to my life i got totally feel changed in my life that ever before.

  8. nathan Says:

    u r a liar!!!!!!

  9. Viewer Ang3l Says:

    i find your points really interesting.
    it’ll be a pleasure to get a debate in my GP class about these.
    Unfortunately, i’m wondering the link the title has with the content.
    Since i’m in look of general knowledge, i will conclude by saying THANKZ.

  10. arbaaz Says:

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  11. jon Says:

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  12. ciomara Says:


  13. ciomara Says:

    its not right that a woman should be a mans slave

  14. Mike Says:

    At no point in time did this rambling identify any key points that are relevant to the impact that a modern woman has on society today. Equality is formed by the wedding rings that are worn by the couple and in no way should a man enslave a woman and visa versa. Both men and women should acknowlege each others strengths and weakness’s and thus aide each other in their goals and dreams. A true couple will see this and in todays society, it takes two to raise a faimily, make a house a home, and ultimatly live a life that is worth living. Try harder next time.

  15. Outraged Teenager Says:

    This article is absolutly horrible. The lack of sentance structure and topic consistancy makes it incredibly hard to follow, that is if any one were to desire to do so at all. The contents of this rambling had absolutly no relevance to the topic posted above it. This was a waste of time in my Sociology research, but maybe i could use it as an example of the dire need for education among our youth in a later asignment.

  16. Sarah Says:

    by the way, women couldnt reproduce without teh contribution of men either. I realize the burden of childbirth lies with the female,however, how can any woman legitimately sugest taht she feel discriminated about by this? Not only is anatomical design not the fault of the male gender, but women become emotionally bonded with their child before child birth even begins. So how can you resent the act in one sentance, but deeply love the direct relation to it in another.

  17. bob Says:

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  18. tinazz Says:

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  19. laokk Says:


  20. Deedar Ali Says:

    The role of women in our society has changed significantly in the past three decades. Women and girls have many more opportunities and face different challenges. The playing field is not level, but neither is gender bias as institutionalized as it once was.

    Women who have achieved great stature in government, industry, sports, and the media have become a familiar sight. And yet, it appears that there is no clear public understanding of the realities of women’s and girls’ lives in this country.

    Participants appear to hold contradictory beliefs about many aspects of women’s and girls’ lives.

    For instance, participants believe that fewer women work but more women head up households. While a majority (73%) of participants said that a smaller proportion of women was in the labor force (in 1997, 74% of all women between the ages of 25 and 54 were in the labor force), a majority (62%) also indicated that more households are headed by women (in 1997, 30% of households were headed by women).

    Participants also seem to believe that fewer women and children live in poverty, in spite of also believing that women earn significantly less than men. Although nearly half (45%) of participants said that women earned less than three-fourth as much as men (in 1997, women’s weekly earnings were 75% of men’s), an overwhelming majority (79%) said that women and children accounted for a smaller fraction of people in poverty (in 1997, women and children represented 80% of the people living in poverty). More than half of participants (51%) also underestimated the rate of teen pregnancy in this country (in 1995, one in ten American girls between the ages of 15 and 19 became pregnant).

    The results further suggest that the public perceives that women have advanced further professionally but does not recognize the extent of women’s educational achievements. More than half (52%) of participants answered that a smaller proportion of girls enrolled in college (in 1996, 70% of girls who graduated from high school enrolled in college the following fall), while 58% of participants indicated that women represented larger percentages of professionals and corporate executives (in 1997, 30% of doctors and lawyers and 10% of engineers and Fortune 500 officers were women).

    In a similar vein, the participants indicated that more women are involved in government but are less involved as citizens. While 41% of the participants said that the proportion of women in the 106th Congress was higher (in 1999, women held 13% of the seats in the 535-member 106th Congress), 42% of participants answered that a smaller fraction of women voted (in 1992 and 1994, 80% of women registered to vote actually voted in the national elections).

    Finally, 46% of participants underestimated girls’ involvement in sports (in 1997, 42% of high school girls participated in at least one school-sponsored sport

  21. joe mama Says:

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  22. Mel Says:

    This sucked. You make no sense. Who allowed you to write? Are you 10? Are you retarded? Get a life.

  23. gay luigi Says:

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  24. sunny Says:

    women is the most superior god gift for all. women is the ful of beauty in world…………

  25. punk rocker Says:

    About half the mankind consists of women but they continue to be treated as second gender all over the world. It’s a man’s world every where. She continue to be play second fiddle to man. Economically, socially, sexually they have been born to obey, to carry out orders. Women as in many countries are particularly in a difficult position, they have to suffer both veil and polygamy.
    Even in Great Britain, which leads the world in liberal thought and education, women are discriminated against not only in entering certain professional but also in continuing to work after marriage on grounds of domestic difficulties. The Qur’an states that men and women were created to be equal parts of a pair. Muhammad said that the rights of women are sacred and that they are the “twin halves of men”. Considering women in Britain received the right to vote, inherit and own property thirteen centuries later, Muhammad’s campaigns were both radical and revolutionary. The attitude of the Qur’an and the early Muslims bear witness to the fact that woman is, at least, as vital to life as man himself, and that she is not inferior to him nor is she one of the lower species. Had it not been for the impact of foreign cultures and alien influences, this question would have never arisen among the Muslims. The status of woman was taken for granted to be equal to that of man. It was a matter of course, a matter of fact, and no one, then, considered it as a problem at all.
    It is said that when you educate a man, you educate one person. But when you educate a woman, you have educated a nation. Essentially this is because the woman is the family’s first instructor and the family is the first unit of the community.
    The problem of violence against women is a result of a long-standing power imbalance between men and women. Female infanticide is very common in some notable states in Because there is a preference for sons because male children preserve the family ancestry. The education of sons is also considered much more important than daughters. Within the household, there even exists gender favouritism which influences intra-household distribution of food.

    Because women and girls are given less food than men, malnutrition among adolescent girls and women is common. Due to lower educational levels, a woman has a much less possibility to earn. Dowry is generally demanded from the husband’s side before or after marriage. Newly married women become the subject to ill treatment. Women are also considered in terms of their virginity, as chastity is considered as a great virtue. But, in case of men, nobody ever thinks of their virginity status. In terms of family planning, women have been used as the subjects of experiments. When women resist against their exploitation, many try to silence them. Media that includes television, radio and newspapers can play a positive role in creating awareness in this regard.

    All over history and in many countries, gender inequality was omnipresent (apart from God) in a male-dominated culture. Atrocities and favouritism are the two important problems, which the women still confront in the modern world. Some of the main forms of inhumanities and prejudiced mindsets against the women are female feticide, child marriage, dowry system etc. After that much development, women are still one of the most powerless, marginalised and threatened sections of society. The gender equality is not a simple matter. It requires the change in attitudes of the husband, in-laws and society as a whole to the women
    A woman is an architect of society. She establishes the institution of family life, builds the home, brings up the children and makes them good citizens. Her strength in totality contributes in the making of an ideal family, ideal society and an ideal state.
    The ongoing changes in social, political and economical spheres of the country entails not only the raise of women’s role in society, in addition they are accompanied by breaking of stereotypes to treat human beings by gender that had been shaping through decades. Free economic relations and democratization of all spheres of life create the basic for eventual equal social rights for any human being regardless of gender, for both man and woman.
    From a legal point of view, a man and a woman in world are equal. However, in practice, there are no real mechanisms of women’s rights fulfillment as well as for their active participation in social life.
    Such questions as women and their place in the society, their political and social activity as well as enlightening of those problems in mass media; questions of creation of informational data-base as well as maternity and childhood cannot be effectively solved by governmental bodies, especially in the situation of economic crisis.
    That is why it is important today to assist the creation of such mechanisms through the activation of women’s public organizations. And non-governmental charity organizations become a single source for support of such projects.
    Women’s social status is a serious problem. Few female decision-makers can be found in positions of social importance. This strengthens the stereotype of “male superiority” and hinders the creation of true partnerships between men and women. It has rightly been said who holds the purse holds the nation. As the women are better half of the nation, they deserve better share in power.
    After 60 years of independence, the desired goals have still to be achieved. The ground realities still seem to be hostile to them. It has become essential for women to be empowered to achieve socio-economic justice.
    The role of women in our society has changed significantly in the past three decades. Women and girls have many more opportunities and face different challenges. The playing field is not level, but neither is gender bias as institutionalized as it once was.
    Women who have achieved great stature in government, industry, sports, and the media have become a familiar sight. And yet, it appears that there is no clear public understanding of the realities of women’s and girls’ lives in this country.
    According to survey, last year, 80% of girls who graduated from high school enrolled in college the following fall, while 58% of participants indicated that women represented larger percentages of professionals and corporate executives. In last year, 30% of doctors and lawyers and 10% of engineers and Fortune 500 officers were women. The results suggest that the public perceives that women have advanced further professionally but does not recognize the extent of women’s educational achievements.
    Men should realize the power of women, and women should also realize their power too, what they can do for them, for their family, for their nation. They are the building blocks of nation building, In the words of Martin Luthar KIng, “A mother’s place is inside her home, But she should also make certain, she gets outside that home enough to help worth while crusades and actively mould the country her children will live in. She therefore holds a key position and her role in shaping the fate of the nation must be recognized and respected.
    This we see that a woman occupies a vital position in family, society and it is time we recognised and respected her ability. Most of the policymakers and development agencies believe that a women’s stronger role in nation-building too soon can lead to instability.
    Incorporating women in the nation-building process as early on as possible will help make these improvements happen sooner, said Benard.
    The foremost priority should be devoted to the women education, which is the root-level problem. The fight for gender equality will initially be slow, painful and lengthy, as the phenomenal modification can’t be brought in a night. This very struggle has to be banged on irrespective of any caste, class, race, religion should take part in this independence struggle to make a refined world where all can have a peaceful coexistence.

    On World Women’s Day (March 8) every year, women deserve more than just a day’s appreciation and forgetting them. In many different feasible ways, we can give more than what women need as our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives. This aspect needs nation-wide debates to facilitate our living conditions

  26. akanksha Says:

    nice matter, but stupid comments

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