The Other Side of Life

August 23, 2011 by ohison  
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It shows the negative influence of parents on children.


Born into a very wealthy home, I felt relaxed and comfortable thinking that is how life is going to be all through. Of course nothing money can buy that I lacked because both daddy and mummy love and care for me. Being the only male child I was given a priestly treatment. There was nothing done at home that I participated in. I was always excused from duties and when others complained of my inept ability and unserious nature instead of rebuking me they will be cautioned. Just imagine how honored I thought I was then.  Year in year out situation remains almost the same.

My nonchalant attitude had it ended at home would have been better. My parents could not touch me and even when I scored zero in class and my teacher punished me and charged me to improve; instead of heeding her words I went home provoked and challenged.   Reporting the case to my parents, both were eager to take their pound of flesh out from my teacher. I was so excited to watch my parents in school to warn sternly the innocent teacher who wishes their son well.

The irony of it all was that I happened to be the only unserious person in the family and whenever I read, my performance appreciates but my parents even at that could not persuade me to read. The time of reckoning was always the time of result collection. As backward as I was it was almost the talk of the whole school both students and staff. But this does not bother me as my concern primarily then was that I was greatly loved and cared for by my parents.

When my elderly ones passed out of the secondary school they passed all their papers and were all admitted one by one on yearly basis till the three of them passed out. This time the heat somewhat was telling on me and my parents who were more or less responsible for my bad attitude became tasking and tedious for them but they could not complained. They tolerated me and allowed me have my way.

On one fateful day daddy and mummy had an impromptu journey which took them out of home for about a week. With no brother, sister or anyone at home to help me, I was challenged else I die of hunger. Though all through my life, I have never before gone close to the kitchen for collection of food talk of cooking itself. Everything was done for me. The only thing I did then was to take my bath. I know if it were possible they would have done that as well.

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  1. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    I wonder? Deep!

  2. Austin I Says:

    It’s interesting!

  3. Bisi Sopekan Says:

    This is great!

  4. Emelumba F. Says:

    What a wonderful exposition?

  5. Evelyn A. Says:

    Self should be real in all that we do.

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