Why Women Don’t Like to be Single Mother

July 26, 2013 by sophia cunha  
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Why women don’t like to be single mother.

If in the minds of the wives of husbands will cheat no fear, what ya had in mind a husband?

It The Most Feared By The single mothers

As with the wife anyway, single mothers also had its own fears in the household. These fears were often brings stress and make cranky.

In order to better understand and know how to deal with it, know some single mothers fear the following:

Fear not able to provide

Whose name was physical and spiritual sustenance. Both are the responsibility as well as a burden for single mothers. Inevitably single mother is required to provide for his family members. Here, the ego often emerge and attract single mothers to the problem on their own.

There are wants and there are needs, which must first be satisfied? And if the husband could provide for his wife and family income?

The question seems simple it actually causes a very big fear in the hearts of her husband. For that reason, as the wife is highly recommended to help ease the burden. At least with the action carefully managing their finances and have a side job.

Fear of losing job

Because there is a ‘dependent’ to be paid each month, the men tend to be very careful in the work. Although saturated often come, but he will try to give the best. Quite often fear losing their jobs if they come. Of course he was afraid, go back to the first statement, ‘what if I can not feed my family?’

Fear of growing old

Who says only women who are afraid to see her physical appearance, he is also really. Occasionally men will experience fear as he got older. He was well aware that with age he will have many physical deficiencies and speed of doing things.

In this regard, he also was worried about the quality of sex with their partner.

Fear of partner is not satisfied in bed

Believe it or not, most husbands have had fears that his partner was not satisfied. No wonder that many are looking for a solution to enlarge or extend the genitals, right?

However, as men, husbands also want to partner happy and unseen, including in terms of sexual needs.

Fear can not be a good single mother

Everyone has flaws, and fears. One of the biggest fears of the husband is afraid that he can not be a good father. He must be the most aware of the character. With these characters, there are some fears his son will follow its properties and make mistakes the same as he was.

It is important you know ladies, to understand the needs and fears her husband. Establish good communication begins

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