Why "He is Not The Father!!"

June 14, 2013 by Jswana  
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It is so sad the way pregnancy is handled these days………..

As the dumming down of America continues to progress, this idea of Women’s freedom to do and have what she wants to have ruled.  I am in agreement with a woman’s independence.  Your decision as it applies to having children is another thing, however.

We have gone so far in the opposite direction  and pregnancy is so varied and devoid of morals that having children out of wedlock, since it is done by the Rich and Famous, the Educated and the Middle Class to the very poor is quite passe.  People don’t say too much in public when a responsible mother who is going to decide to freeze her eggs until later and use them, though she will never marry.  No one says much about the Same Sex Couples who do similar.  Nor do they say anything about an Angelina Jolie and a Brad Pitt or a Halle Berry because the presumption is that these people can afford to have children whether they are married or not – should do as they please and stand proud.  Well, the old saying is that it’s not what we do, but how we do it, could apply to people making the decision on what’s right and what’s wrong.

This is so Hypocritical but yet we go along with it because according to others, the aforementioned group, except for the poorer ones, will not be dependent on the Government which I can agree to a point.  Government Assistance is for the Needy and not the Greedy.  People should learn to look away from being needy.

All of it is immoral however and the more the people that we would like to look up to does it, the easier and more normal it seems to really young people.  They are brought up by Single Mothers, therefore their life’s models are the Single Mothers and miscellaneous men that comes in and out of her life and see no harm in doing the same thng.  The amazing thing though is that the the young people are sometimes far more brilliant than that and do aspire for greater heights in education and career as opposed to Pregnancy.

People who cannot afford to have children have them often times because sex is the most meaningful way that they will communicate with a guy.  If sex is expected of her by him, she will be submissive.  This act can be repeated when he moves on with another and a pattern is then formed.  She’s pregnant and sometimes knows who could be the child’s father and perhaps not, especially if she performs acts within days of each other.

This is a syndrome that I think really needs re-direction and really there should be not only Classes at School that pertain to these issues, but Seminars and Community Meetings, anything that can address this mounting trend of Paternity and Paternity Testing.  Most young women collect very, very small amounts  of Child Support during the month because the father makes so very, very little per month himself.  The rest, sorrowfully is handled by us, the Tax Payers. 

No President can stop this and before we attach any claims or accusations towards any current Administration, you would have to lie and say that this just started.  No it did not and has been rising at an alarming rate for decades.  Some years are worse than others too.  But we have to eventually talk to misguided women and in the meantime try our best to show them how it is supposed to be.  We also have to realize that when we talk about the way it was to us, sounds very different to the current younger people.  I don’t know what it’s like to not grow up in a family and some girls never, ever know who their father is.  A lot of privileged people won’t either with the pregnancy alternatives.   Having babies is a different experience now, coupled with the new laws and trends of how it is done.  Still, for the poor and disadvantaged, they should know the difference.  Peace.

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