What is a Super Mom?

May 2, 2013 by KaDaSi RN  
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Mother, Mama, Mima, Ma, Mommy, Mom whatever you call her its definition remains the same, it is VIRTUALLY ENDLESS.

A super mom means…
          A super hero in their own natural ways,
          A twin sister and a best friend at all times,
          A strict teacher and a refined counselor,
          A great hero and a fearless protector.


A super mom is someone who…
          Teach you the important rules and roles in life,
          Guide you to figure out your plans, goals and values in life,
          Advocate you the essence of an education, manners and more,
          Assist you to make all your dreams come true.
A super mom is someone who…
          Look after me with her radiant eyes,
          Feed me from her gentle chest,
          Hugged me tightly in her arms to rest,
          Loved and loves me with all her heart.


A super mom is someone to whom…
          You tell all your stories and worries,
          You call when you are down and troubled,
          You cry when you are lonely and depressed,
          You hold when you are about to give up.      

A super mom whom…
          I hug so tightly,
          I kiss so deeply
          I love so much
          I pray to live long.

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