What About The Wheebles

January 23, 2013 by Xena2313  
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CHAPTER ONE Of When Time Runs Out.


What about the Wheebles

     Anna was lying in bed staring up at the ceiling. She could hear her two sisters breathing as they slept on the bed, one on each side of her. They are all small enough to share one bed, but Anna wished she had her own to stretch out on. Through the small half window the sun was trying to find its way into the darkened room. The television in the living room was playing. She could hear her mother working in the kitchen. Anna could hear the low hum of the dish washer. She slowly rolled over one of her sisters to get out of the bed. As her feet touched the floor her sister’s foot landed square on Anna’s face. Anna grabbed her face in a silent scream as she did a dance of pain. Every time her younger sister Becky sleeps on the exit side of the bed, Anna gets a face full of feet trying to get out of bed. Anna tried to wake Becky up to tell her she got kicked again, but Becky was dead to the world asleep.

     Anna told herself that it could wait until Becky got up. She checked her hands for signs of blood. Her forehead still red and stinging from the swift kick, Anna went to the bathroom. She saw herself as she turned the light on. Other than a small bump she looked fine. She washed up and went back to the room to put on her play clothes. When she stepped in front of the closet a sharp pain shot up her foot to her leg. “Not again!” Anna grimed through her teeth. She bent down to see what she had stepped on. “Wheeble toy!” She said. Anna was just about ready to throttle Becky in her sleep. Becky was told to put the toys up after playing with them. It was evident that she was not putting them away.

     Anna woke up her other sister Ashlee. Ashlee woke up fussy. “Why don’t you wake up Becky first?” That was Ashlee’s first twenty questions game.

     “I know you hate crawling over her, but mom always tell me to wake you up first. If you hate crawling over her, then you should sleep on the out side of the bed. I know you don’t want the center bed.” Ashlee threw off the covers and jumped off the bed over the sleeping Becky. She was trying to make as much noise as possible to wake Becky up. That Becky could sleep through a tornado and not wake up. Ashlee pushed Anna out of her way. Anna was going to tell Ashlee not to step on any toys Becky left out by the closet, but she thought better of it. “Oh, Ashlee,” was all Anna could get out when Ashlee stepped on two more wheeble toys Becky left.

     “Don’t these things have a tree to bee in?” Ashlee yelled out loud.

     Their mother opened the door. “What’s with all the yelling in here?” Ashlee went on a rant about how Anna is waking her up first when Becky sleeps on the exit side of the bed, then about Becky not putting the toys away.

“I’m sorry. You lost me somewhere. What about the wheebles?” Their mom said.

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