Weird Dreams

January 15, 2013 by SonnyD  
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Story of a weird dream.

As I woke up out of bed, I realized I was in sombody’s home.  My daughter’s home and everyone was there.  Her in-laws, my son, their sons, my grandson and my daughter.  That, of course, was not weird.  What was weird was that I found myself pregnant and overhearing a conversation on how my child would be around the same age as my daughter’s second child.  Since I had not seen her yet, I had to assume she too was pregnant.  Sure enough, she walked through the door and said “Hi mom, you’re awake.  Hope you had a good nap.  I usually get very tired during the first 3 months of my pregnancy too”.  

Was this a nightmare? Me pregnant.  Still in my dream state, I got up from the bed and walked over to the living room where everyone else were united.  The home was decorated very nicely.  My daughter had great taste. The home seemed large, something like a country home with a large porch.  Not sure where she lived but it was beautiful.  Out of curiosity, I walked to the window and there on the roof of the first floor were cars parked.  That was odd.  There seemed to be cars parked in the driveway as well.  My daughter came up from behind me and said “Yeah I know, they had to park there because there were no more parking in the street.  Thank God we made it so we can park there.  My husband will be home soon from work.  Not sure where he will park but I’m he’ll be upset about all these cars.”

It seemed very natural to her to have cars up on the roof of the first floor.  Words could not escape my mouth.  Not sure what to say, I just remained by the window in awe.  Then a car pulled up and I saw it go up a ramp and sure enough onto the roof to park.  Seeing there was no parking on the leveled part of the roof, he parked on the slanted part of the roof and as he was getting out of the car, cursed and slammed the door.  Oh!, it was my daughter’s husband.  She was right, he was upset.  Besides the whole family being in the house, he had a crummy parking.  What the heck am I saying?  He’s parked on a roof of a house.  The whole thing was just weird.

My daughter must have seen my face wrinkle up because she came back and told me “Don’t worry mom, my husband will be fine.  He loves his family just wants a good parking spot left for him.  He’s not mad because you are living here.  In fact, he likes your cooking better than mine.” With that she left to greet her husband.  So I lived with my daughter and apparently cooked for them.  This was getting odder by the minute since I’ve always owned my own home and on top of that can’t have kids and here I was pregnant.

My husband, woke me up by putting his hand on my shoulder.  It startled me, and I had to look around to make sure I was home and not pregnant.  The dream had felt so real.  Not sure what it meant but definitely weird.  

All I could say is thank God it was a dream.

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