Transformation to Motherhood

December 31, 2012 by Morgon Lacey Rymer  
Published in Motherhood

A swift description of coming into motherhood.

It seems as though everything becomes fuzzy and all of life’s imperfections swiftly fade as a new arrival becomes prominent, bold, and illuminated. It amazes me how patience grows sturdy and strong, and a soft hand and voice gently take over a once tattered and distraught you. In nature; love, family, and faith expond outward like an instinct that was hidden away for a rainny day. Motherhood is nothing short from a miricale, merely the act of accomplishing the task, leaves even the most brillant of minds with the single word, triumph. The instinct that transforms most, is quite a beautiful thing. Remarkably a mothers’ bond with her child is every bit spiritual as it is chemical. Physically and mentally of course. Feelings are swished in and out of one another like aurora borealis sharing the Alaskain sky. Its’ amazing to me how a simple smile can instantainiesly bring tears to your eyes. How the lift of a brow, or the tilt of a head, even the sound of your baby’s laugh, can keep constant a smile on your face, acting as a reminder of life’s greatest gifts. How in nature such the smallest of things, can find you happy and filled with joy, finding yourself complete. Your thoughts transform from thinking, ” I’ll teach them this or I can’t wait to teach them that.” to the extrodenary fact that you’ll be learning from them. And all your teaching you once imagined, will be set aside, and everything you do, they will do too. As your baby grows, you will grow also. Your mind shifts and your thoughts alter.  And everything you thought to be true, isn’t, and the act of life shapes and molds its own lifestyle in you. You are not your own, and oddly enough, that’s okay. Your love for yourself  becomes a sturdy foundation because your love for you child is that much greater. 

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