Things to Make You Laugh

July 11, 2013 by jfay1995  
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Things to make you laugh. Starting off our days without something to laugh about is no fun, but don’t we love it when something tickles our funny bones?

Laughter is the best medicine.  Really.  What is a day without some laughter?  If you haven’t laughed yet, then go find something to make you do it.

This morning, I got my first laugh when I went to FB and started reading a joke. There was a picture of two old women sitting on a bench.  The joke was from some radio station. One was saying she died of the cold or something of that nature, froze to death.  The other old woman was saying she died of a heart attack. 

She started saying how she got home early and thought her husband was cheating on her, looked all over the house for the other woman and then she keeled over and died.  Wanda I think that was her name said something like, Too bad you didn’t look in the freezer and we would both be alive!!!  Ha ha.  .So far that’s my biggest laugh for today.

I found I was reading it over again just to enjoy it one more time and I shared it on my FB.

Things to make you laugh.

Your children saying funny things.

You saying funny things.

You flubbing up your sentences or someone else flubbing up their sentences!!!

On a visit with my sister I flubbed up one talking about Racheal Ray.  I kept trying to call her Racheal Way!!!

Watching your pets do funny things.

One of my sister’s old cats ran up the stairs one, thought it could cling onto a Tide box and got a surprise.

Drunken family chasing a cat in the back yard!!!  That one was a blast!!!!

Playing house of cards around a sleeping cat!!!  It got drunk too!!!  Both of these in the same night!!!!  ha ha

I’ve got the picture to prove it (of the cat)

Bumping into a wall

Putting your shirt on backwards.

Watching your kids lighting leaves on fire with a magnifying glass.  Minus Woody.

Scaring your Mom as she’s walking through the field at night.  Or scaring them in other places.  My Mom used to scare easily.  It was fun.  Her neighbor’s husband scared her once too.  She was going into the basement for something and I think he quietly was out there at the top of the connecting stairway.  Maybe this should go in my book about her too.  Maybe in the halloween section of certain foods.  Recipe book.

Liked it

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