The Working Mom: Salary or Sacrifice?

November 29, 2010 by amyjsilver  
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A guideline to having a career while still being Mom.

Ask any working mom if she “has it all” and she might just give you a sideways smile as she tells you that she has it all and then some. Besides spending long hours at work, she’s shuffling the kids to gymnastics, soccer and tap dance lessons. Forget about time for laundry or a cup of coffee. Why do moms choose to keep stressful and demanding jobs outside of the home? There are several reasons, and there are also several choices for mothers who want good pay, fulfilling work and flexible hours.

A Fat Paycheck

Whether you want to go to Disney World or buy your teen that $150 graphing calculator, it’s tough to sustain your desired lifestyle on one salary. So, many moms choose to work. In fact, mom sometimes makes more money than dad. But good money can also mean a lot of hours. Perhaps you’re a lawyer. You put in long hours, even on the weekends, and you get excellent compensation in return. Though it can be tough, many moms find that the high pay and long hours are worth the investment of time that certain careers require.

You Love Your Job

Some people are fortunate enough to love going to work every day. This is often the case for teachers, medical professionals and people in service-oriented jobs. It’s fulfilling to open someone’s world through learning, help someone feel better and perform a job that makes someone happy. However, these jobs also require long hours. Doctors, nurses, and medical technicians often work 12-hour days. Teachers spend many evenings grading papers. Bartenders may miss tucking their kids in bed at night because they have to be at work in the evenings. Even though these jobs have taxing schedules, the pay is very attractive.

The Best of Both Worlds

If only you could find a job that offers great pay, maximum flexibility, meaningful work. There are some jobs that meet all of these requirements.

  • Writing: You can find gigs for writers that are deadline oriented, meaning you can work whenever you want, as long as you turn in your material on time. Feel good knowing that you’re helping share important information with others through your writing.
  • Hair Stylist: Expert stylists can make great money and set their own schedules. Plus, you’ll have the fulfillment of knowing you’ve helped your clients look their best.
  • Personal Trainer: You can work with clients on a schedule that you set. The pay is generally quite good and you’re enabling people to meet their personal goals.
  • Photographer/Videographer: Take as many jobs as you want and at times that are convenient for you. You’ll feel great knowing that you’re creating lasting keepsakes for families.

Having it All

You can have a meaningful job with good pay and flexible hours if you know where to look. Start with jobs you like that allow you to set your own schedule. Narrow that list by choosing jobs that pay enough to meet your needs. Finally, get the necessary training for the job that will make your life as a working mom a bit easier.

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