THE DAY I Spent My 28th Birthday (October 18, 2011)

October 22, 2011 by kryserious26  
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Simple yet unforgettable..The pictures and videos that I have used here are just samples and not the actual persons. I admire the Heroes movie. That’s why I used the protagonist Peter Petrelli as me and the main character. Angela Petrelli looks a bit like my mother, and Era Madrigal looks like my girlfriend..

 THE DAY I SPENT MY 28TH BIRTHDAY (October 18, 2011)


It was really not to be considered one of my memorable ones but rather I could say, that day was one of the simplest. Simplest, because of the small amount of time spent with two of the most important Women in my life.  An afternoon “merienda” with My Mom and an evening date with my girlfriend.


 The day started when I woke up late in the morning. I took 30 minutes of jogs and jump ropes, 4 sets of 10reps bench press and sit-ups which took 15 minutes.  


I Took another 15 minutes of rest and breakfast, and then finished my laundry for 1 and half hour. After that, I slept a little and then hurried my way to Mom’s office at SEAMEO.

 I called her on my mobile and told her that I might be late for about 20 minutes after her work.

When I came, we walk alongside the UP hub park, sat down on a bench  and then started with a small chit-chat about family and friends then finally, we ended up on an unexpected heart to heart family discussion which Mom can’t help but deviate with moderate high-temperament feelings. “Your father will never change” she said..“Mom, today is the most important day of my life and yet here we are again with the same old story.”.. I replied..


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  1. kryserious26 Says:

    I hope this serves as the 1st article about my birthday, and I will continue to keep creating articles about me..just like a diary..hehe =)

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