The Anti Housewife

August 16, 2011 by whimsicalsiren  
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How the title of housewife cannot possibly describe me.

Honestly speaking, no I do not have a 9-5 job. And yes I stay at home with my children. So that qualifies me as a housewife I know. But this title holds so much of a 1950s feel to it that I cannot fully comprehend exactly how my life is indeed that of a housewife.

On a typical day I wake up and throw something together for breakfast(usually cereal) and take a leisurely time in getting out of my pjs. My boys usually follow suit. I plan my day around appointments and phone calls usually quite on the fly. These range from doctor appointments, church obligations, freelance work bids, client meetings and school doings. The entire family is homeschooled. I am returning to college for another bachelor’s degree, as is my husband, and the boys take classes from home. Everyday is different as far as scheduling goes. We have field trips, we have school submissions, we have work submissions, and somewhere in there we find the time to play. We eat out frequently as our busy schedule requires eating on the go.

I find little time to get my Martha Stewart on. Our new home is decorated in spurts. Our bedroom is the only room so far that has been painted. Of course the basement office is set up and is in use as I type, but there are still boxes everywhere. The sad thing is we still have two storage units full of our things  in another state. We have just been that busy. So my question is this, what makes me a housewife?

As a teenager I thought housewives were all uneducated baby breeders. I grew up expected to go to college and get a good job. Unfortunately I have not held down a full time job in a long time and I was a young bride and mother. When I became pregnant with my oldest, I decided then and there to always be there for my children and never go back to work again. After public school proved to be the worst thing ever for my children, my husband and I stood up and took over for their education. To earn money my husband runs a home based business and I freelance. It still makes life hectic, but at least we can be with our boys.

My perspective has shifted a ton on housewives these days and it is nothing that can be seen on reality television. I see a housewife now as a woman who can completely devote all of her time and efforts to her family. Cooking, cleaning, and nurturing nonstop. I find women who do this very admirable. I still have dreams and pursue them very regularly. I have my head in the clouds most days dreaming, writing, and singing. I am not quite sure what would happen if I were forced to join the rat race commute and be a team player in an office setting. To me that seems so scary compared to the safe lax realm of my world.

Of course with approaching autumn and school starting our schedule will be more defined than our summer one and I will be forced to have some restraint as to how far I let my dreams take me at any given moment. I truly believe that I live the way that I do to show my sons that the sky is the limit and to never let anything hold you back from achieving what you wish for. In this world of uncertainty sometimes our dreams are all we have left.

You can classify me as a housewife if you wish, but I have no intentions on conforming. Life has always been best lived with strength and happiness. So in the end do what makes you happy and don’t let anything stop you.

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