“Teen Mom” Couple in The Middle of a Messy Divorce

November 19, 2013 by StayceeLuhrain91  
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Yikes! I have been waiting for the day to finally come when this mama grew a pair and stood up for herself!!

In the first season of Teen Mom, we got a glimpse into the life of Tyler and Catelynn. They were the first 16 & Pregnant couple to choose adoption…and the first to be related to one another! No, they are not blood relatives, but they are/were stepbrother and stepsister. In their defense, though, they were dating long before April (Catelynn’s mom) and Butch (Tyler’s jailbird, coke head father) got married in 2009. We watched the hostile and unhealthy relationship of the two unfold and explode during the last season of Teen Mom.

Butch went BACK to prison for the umpteenth time in the final season for violating his parole- he was under a no contact order with April for a previous fight between the two and he ended up putting his hands on her AGAIN during season 4. Butch has been incarcerated for over one year and even though they’ve been legally married, the couple barely speak to one another. And despite Butch being eligible for parole in January 2014, in April 2012, he allegedly ALMOST filed for a divorce according to The Ashley’s interview in Teen Mom Confidential, but she respectfully kept this out of her book. 

Butch claims he planned to file and used the prison’s library to study proper procedures on how to file. It now appears that April has filed BEFORE Butch. Tyler and Catelynn have not commented on the issue as of yet and honestly, I’m glad. Although they seem to be on the same side and support April due to Butch’s behavior and addiction, it’s Cate’s mom versus Ty’s dad and something this personal could cause issues between the two. I hope they don’t get dragged into it and people keep their curiosity away. These two are such an amazing power couple and I love them! They are truly amazing and inspiring.

Source: The Stir/The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

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