T.v. Show 16 and Pregnant Good Influence or Bad?

December 21, 2011 by JulyBabi1992  
Published in Motherhood

Talks about being a teen mom, and if the show on tv is good or bad.

I love watching this t.v. show, i myself am a teen mom, had my first baby at seventeen, second at eighteen, and expecting another at 19. I will say that being a teen mom was not a smart decision, it is not easy,  would be so much easier if i was older and more established. I will also say being a mother is the best most fulfilling and rewarding thing i could have ever done with my life. On this specific show it shows the hardships and struggles of teen moms through the pregnancy and the first year of baby’s life. The main problems focused on is the unstable relationships of us teenagers. While this is true and  the show depicts reality of a pregnant teenager/teen mom, I’m not so sure its depicting it as being a BAD thing. I would like to know others opinion of this show.

Liked it

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