Step by Step Guide to Discipline Your Child Effectively

August 9, 2011 by xxcleoangelxx  
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This article will show you a step by step guide on how to effectively discipline your child using the naughty step/corner method. No matter what age.. this method will work, but only with patience and perseverance.

Knowing your child’s behaviour.

We all know that there comes a time in a parents life to decide weather to discipline your child or not, many questions come to mind like ” When is the right time?” or “Am i doing this right?” There are many factors that determine if you should go through with it or not, for example :

Your child starts screaming out for attention, throwing toys on the floor or even locking themselves in their room. This behaviour means that you should go and comfort the child, ask them what is wrong and to talk about it. Although this behaviour is expected there are some that you should not tolerate, these include:

  • Biting and OR kicking.
  • Spitting.
  • Breaking and OR slamming things on the floor.
  • Swearing.
  • Destructive intentions.
  • Disrespecting other family members or siblings
  • Breaking toys for the “fun” of it OR on purpose
  • Snatching or stealing toys off a friend or sibling and not giving it back
  • Aggressive behaviour towards parents and OR siblings/friends

What to do if your child acts out this way?

When your child begins to show ANY of the behaviours above this means it is time for discipline, by following this step by step guide you will notice a change in your child’s behaviour and also teaching them to respect others around you.

Step one:  The first and most important step is to guide your child and explain to them what the naughty step/corner is, explain why it is there, what will happen when the child goes into time out and for how long. Usually you set a minute for every year the child is born for example, the child is 6 years of age, therefore you shall set the timer for 6 minutes.

Step 2: When your child shows disruptive behaviour that you feel is not acceptable, take them to the naughty step/corner and get down to their level and speak with a firm voice. Explaining to them why they are being put there in the first place, for example ” I have put you in this naughty step because you swore at mommy so you are going to have time out” Place them in the naughty corner/step and set the timer, step away from them and continue your daily routine. NOTE: The child may get up and start running around and not taking any notice of what you have just said, so it is VERY important that you place them back in the time out area but this time do NOT say a word to them, just place the child back in time out and resume with day to day activities.

Step 3: Even if you have to repeat step 2 a hundred times you need to be persistent, once you have successfully kept the child out for the entire time approach them, get down to their level and explain WHY you have put them there in the first place, ask for a hug and to ask them if they could say sorry, Once they have said sorry take them to play and resume day to day activities.

NOTE: You may need to repeat this daily if needed, but remember this does take time and effort so it may not work straight away, but with patience it will be successful.

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