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September 8, 2008 by Catalyst  
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Detailed description of job duties, expectations, and educational requirements for a position as a Stay At Home Mom.

Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), Shepherd-Robinson Family Organization, January 2000 – Present, Edinburgh, Scotland, Cupertino, CA, and Denver, CO.

Volunteer position requiring intense training in breastfeeding, child development, early childhood behavior, and interpersonal/intergenerational group dynamics. The position also requires advanced training in alternative dispute resolution, and excellent communication skills. There is a strong emphasis on time management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tracking inventory, procurement, and cost reduction. I am required to work with no supervision or guidance, to make quick, crucial and often unprecedented decisions regarding Organization Policy, to effectively guide the Organization in the most profitable direction, to set and meet my own deadlines, and to successfully foresee, and plan for, possible contingencies which may effect the overall direction and health of the Organization.

I have been responsible for overseeing, and providing effective guidance to all Junior Members still in the start-up phase, one Founding Member in the established phase, and one Mascot in the puppy phase. The Organization has recently restructured, and both Founding Members have agreed to allocate job duties in accordance with the new structure, needs and direction of the Organization. As a result, the Robinson half of the Shepherd-Robinson Organization is no longer under my direct supervision. I arrange, and lead, frequent meetings between the Shepherd and the Robinson camps to set common goals, and to assess the financial status of the Organization. Additionally, both Founding Members work closely with one another to promote the healthy progress and development of the Junior Members, and the mascot, in accordance with shared goals and objectives.

Each Member must maintain their work space according to Industry Standards of cleanliness and organization. In addition, I am responsible for monitoring Junior Members’ media exposure, delegating essential tasks and errands, and ensuring that delegated duties are completed on time and under budget.

I mentor and assist Junior Members of the Organization with all aspects of membership in the Organization, including, but not limited to, cooperative materials and idea sharing, Organization culture and expectations, and effective communication skills. I also provide continuing education regarding changes and developments in matters impacting Members’ effective execution of their duties and tasks. I arrange for and provide morale and team building exercises, and I clearly state and reiterate the rules and expectations for all Organization members.

I arrange and host special events. Special events include, but are not limited to, annual celebrations of the anniversary of each Member’s joining the Organization, Industry-specific networking events, recognition and celebration of Organization milestones, outreach events meant to enhance the Organization’s connection to local non-profits, and casual, impromptu events which improve the Organization’s standing in the community. I also source event venues, and liaise with caterers and other temporary contractors.

I regularly lead meetings regarding Members’ job descriptions and required contribution to the Organization. I conduct frequent job performance reviews. I also supervise the fair distribution of Organization assets, as well as periodically and regularly audit financial, social, and internal operations departments.

I am the official Shepherd-Robinson Organization Spokesperson at education planning meetings, as well as with medical and other professionals. This requires that I keep abreast of the educational needs and progress of Junior Members, track and document any changes relating to the health and well being of all Organization Members, and remain current on legislation affecting the operations, goals and fiscal health of the Organization. I must take immediate action, when needed, to head-off, or correct, potential and actual educational, health, and legal problems facing individual Members, as well as the Organization as a whole.

I lobby state legislators as needed. Lobbying duties include writing letters and emails, meeting legislators in person and on the phone, organizing necessary demonstrations at the State Capital, contacting media representatives, writing press releases, and officially representing the Shepherd-Robinson Family Organization on television news broadcasts.

I also provide therapeutic and psychiatric services as needed, and kiss many, many boo-boos.

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