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September 20, 2011 by Michal Dorcak  
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There seems to be a new king of the keywords on the Internet. Stay-at-home mom articles containing mostly advice on making money keep springing to life in masses just like mosquitoes in marshland.

Stay-at-home moms seem to be very popular amongst online content writers. There are loads of articles targeted specifically at job opportunities for stay-at-home moms. It is no wonder since stay-at-home mom should, in theory, have enough free time or at least be desperate enough to search for job opportunities targeted at stay-at-home moms specifically.

Myth busted

While some stay-at-home moms may have enough free time to work, most do not. I am not a stay-at-home mom (since I am a man), but I know from my mom’s stories and those of my cousins and neighbors that very few women are blessed with quiet, calm and sleepy children. Children need a lot of attention and so does every job with worthy pay. So, that leaves few lucky stay-at-home moms and those who have no other choice but work at home.

Stay-at-home mom as popular keyword

Among writers

I was rather amused when I kept running into stay-at-home mom targeted articles past few months (probably over a year now). Some titles truly sounded like a joke, other made sense. However, I was amused by the amounts of the articles I ran into. I became sure that stay-at-home mom keyword/phrase is the newest hype. It seemed to me that many authors simply started rewriting all their general advice articles to utilize this keyword. I ran into many general common sense articles containing advice that is applied in everyday life by everyone from older children through poorest guy to the eldest retiree. Nearly all of them propagated themselves as tips written exclusively for stay-at-home moms. Of course, I am talking about articles I ran into by accident, not by searching for stay-at-home mom articles via Google.

Funny thing is that way too many search phrases containing “stay-at-home mom” have medium and high competition according to Google’s keyword tool.

Among stay-at-home moms

I did not interview millions of stay-at-home moms to find out how popular these articles are. However, I checked with Google’s AdWords keyword tool. Last month, only 165 000 searches for phrase stay-at-home mom were conducted. If you change mom into plural, it makes for about 90 000 additional searches. That does not seem to be popular enough to create hype among writers, especially when some of the searches were probably done by webmasters and content writers themselves.  

What’s the point?

Somehow, I cannot understand how most of the stay-at-home mom articles that flooded the internet are useful. Many of them are simply rewording general money-saving and money-making tips to fit stay-at-home mom search phrase. Most articles I ran into did not even contain any advice on saving money on child supplies or info on jobs that can be done while taking care of a little child. Most of those that kept this aspect in mind instead focused mainly on general tips. Wouldn’t focusing on specific problems stay-at-home moms face have made more sense? I honestly think it would.

Also, as I mentioned earlier the competition for almost all sensible phrases containing stay-at-home mom keyword is close to medium, medium or high. So, there are a lot of articles with the same advice and chances are that your article will get lost in depth of Google’s search results even if someone goes looking for what you have to say.

To conclude, stay-at-home moms truly seem to be a popular target for content writers nowadays. Whether an average stay-at-home mom pays any attention to those articles, I cannot say for sure. However, it seems that most articles are bound to go unnoticed, especially considering that many are just re-worded general advice articles with no added value for stay-at-home moms in particular. With these thoughts in mind, I decided not to jump on this bandwagon. I will probably write some articles with advice for stay-at-home moms in the future, but those articles will be targeted specifically at such women (or in some rather rare cases at stay-at-home fathers). If you ask how I could write such article when I am a man, the answer is simple. I have mother and cousins who stayed at home with their kids …

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    Yes the keywords are important!

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    You’ve got it right. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    You have just utilized this key phrase very well Michal.

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    At least your article is rational. When you work from home, people forget that you need 8 hours-8 clear hours, to really be productive.

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    I agree with you totally…

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    Very interesting, good idea for an article and I liked the way you wrote it.

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