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April 18, 2013 by vjc  
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The journey and realization of a stay-at-home-mom.

I wanted to be a SAHM because I wanted to be with my child.  And being one does not only literally mean physically together in one roof but also mean emotionally together. 

I have gone astray with the path I wanted to take.  I became contented with just being together physically.  I became pleased with the additional “me” time I have.  I was comfortable with the scenario of knowing that he’s beside me and is having fun on his own.  I was at ease with the idea that other electronics can make both of us enjoy the time we have for that day.

So with a smile, I turned off my laptop, gave my little boy a hug, sat on the floor and played with him.  His funny antics, his laughter, his smiles, his eagerness to learn and his sincere heart and emotions of wanting to play with me played beautiful music in my heartstrings.  It was truly a shining moment.  A bonding moment.  Moments that make being a SAHM worthwhile. 

Did I regret letting go of the little free “me” time I have?  No.  Whoever said that “me” time only comprises of doing things on your own at your own terms.  I had fun with my son.  I was laughing and playing.  I was enjoying.  I may be with him, but that too can be considered my “me” time.  Facebook and Instagram do not make me laugh.  They have become a habit that consumed me.  While I have all the time, why not spend my “me” time with my son – having fun and enjoying the time of our lives. 

I cannot relive this moment again so I was utterly grateful that I decided on playing with my son.  Besides, he will be having his nap time soon, so that would give me atleast 2 hours of adult “me” time.  And I know, that is more than enough. 

Being a SAHM is really a dedication.  One has to sacrifice a lot to be one.  It is a decision that the whole family has to make and can only be successful with the strength that God gives women.   I understand that being one is not for everybody.  Others have no choice but to go to work.  I will not go on into saying that you are missing out on a lot if you work because that is NOT how I feel.  I understand that other moms have to sacrifice staying at home for their child/ren to be able to provide or help provide for the family.  There is nothing wrong with that and I salute you for making that hard decision of letting others take care of your child/ren while you are working.  That is one tough sacrifice filled with love. What’s important is that whenever you have the time to be together, whether that be 24 hours or just 2 hours a day, you spend it with them and not much online. 

“Moments in the blink of an eye all goes by so fast so we got to take this moment and make every moment last” (anonymous).  So whether you are a stay at home mom or not, what’s important is that you make every moment the best moment when you are with each other.

To every mom out there, I salute you for all the sacrifices you do for the family.  I know, in years time, our children would thank and love us tremendously for that.  Kudos!

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